Tuesday, September 15, 2009


another terrible night of sleep. This time I actually slept but the dreams were outter-limits! Really violent and suspenseful. They would have made for a great thriller flick but that flick was playing in my head when I really just wanted benign dreams. Think quilting, think frosting a cake or playing with the kids. Instead, I got violence. . Psychotic stalking and more than a few scenes of knife violence where people I loved we hurt and even a dog (not my own but some other dog). I had such an uneventful day that I have to seriously wonder where those thoughts came from. What they might mean? I wonder if its time to do another tv cleanse?

Today is a partial rest day because of running club tonight. I woke up a bit stiff in my hips so that means I'll be doing some stretching on and off all day. I think I'll work toward getting my scarf on the needles today too since today is largely a slothy day. I went to do it last night but found that I still had the remains of another project on there. I'll have to finish that one or tear it back and wind it up and proceed. I've almost forgotten what I was doing with that block. Huh? I must be losing it!

Ok here's the menu for the day:

Breakfast: yogurt/fruit smoothie, coffee and vitamins

Snack: Kashi bar w/tea

Lunch: Egg salad in an Ezekiel wrap (made of more egg whites than yolks and half fat mayo and plain yogurt)w/mixed greens.

Dinner: Home-made beef barley soup w/whole wheat bagel.

For exercise: I would expect that Misty will have us run a bit further than the 5K we've worked up to and because of the intense leg workout yesterday I'm just going to leave it at that. I'll putter around the house and spend most of it on my feet. That ought to be enough activity.

Ok I've got to get my day in gear. I'll report on my successes later...(note the positive thinking!) Ciao!

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