Monday, September 21, 2009

This Girl's Got Gadget!

Whoot! I got it. Now, I can dream about other things LOL I met Cheryl at Costco today and although she protests, I still feel that I owe her big time. She has just saved me an awful amount of money.

I've got my Garmin! I'm very happy. Of course I didn't actually wait until I got home to start playing with it. I had it out of the box and on my arm before I left the parking lot. Turned it on while I was driving down Lakeridge and started fiddling before I was even in the school parking lot. I'm a junkie. I can see how this supposed cheap hobby is fast becoming one the most expensive hobbies of all time. It has now officially surpassed my scrapbook tally. No small feat I must add.

The day was uneventful otherwise. Did a bunch of errands after collecting husband from the station. Waited entirely too long at Shopper's Drug Mart for them to fill a prescription. You'd think we were asking them to mine gold!

Now we are just counting down the minutes until bed time when I'll break out the tea and knitting needles or my new magazine that I picked up while I waited at the drug store. Its no small chance that they make you wait. It gets people to buy things they really don't need.

Ok, confession, my tea will likely grow cold and no knitting will occur tonight while I try to figure out how to work my forerunner. Sigh...gadgets are good.

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