Saturday, September 19, 2009

Saturday, in hind sight

Since the day is coming to a quick close I guess I need to recap.

Getting up was a bit painful this morning. I swatted at the alarm clock on and off for about half an hour until finally I got up at 6:30 and released the kidlets from their rooms. Both seemed to be in good health today which is always a good thing. Though I think it will be L's turn tomorrow. His appetite has been a bit off today.

I discovered my still snoozing husband had the forthought to be awesome and set up the coffee maker so that when I came down there was already a full hot pot of coffee. Gotta love is heart! Besides the fact that I love seeing my children first thing in the morning (I actually really miss them when they are sleeping) I adore my morning coffee. Just knowing that its downstairs waiting for me is like a siren call. Cup filled to the brim I settled in and enjoyed watching my kids munch their breakfast and bounce about with an unnatural amount of energy.

Had a fabulous but tough run with Misty. She's got those long legs and all that speed so my pace was not necessarily my pace this morning. I did find the run therapeutic as the doctor's comments were still circling about in my mind making me second guess myself and that's dangerous. Talking it out with girlfriends is always the best medicine. I highly recommend it!

6K felt like 3K and the run was quickly over. Headed back home to have one more cup of coffee and a nice hot shower then off to a speech assessment with my littlest monkey. 45 mins later and L has been assessed as "age appropriate" Yay! Cue the fireworks! Pop the champagne. Only 8 months ago he couldn't speak at all.

I celebrated with him and took him over to Wee Bee Toys and Shit (Detroit slang for Toys R Us). Puzzles, play dough, markers and a big roll of paper. Then a regulation hockey net and some sticks (net was hubby's request) I had to get the hell out of there.

I had the sugar plum thoughts of a Garmin circling in my head the whole time I was awake this morning. Passed out for my nap thinking of it. Hoping that Cheryl would call and say road trip. She's agreed to take me shopping for one tomorrow, if we can manage to get the timing right. I love her...she's my enabler too. I still think she should get one too. Just think Cheryl, how much better running your half would be with GPS, timed intervals, heart rate measured and you could dork-out and download your results to analyze your performance :D Nuff said.

Spent a few hours outside watching the boys take shots on the net and have Dad defend. L is an excellent goalie with great instincts. E is a natural right wing. I took some of that time in between fetching the balls from the road to prune back some of my leggy shrubs and tame back the Dog Woods hogging all the space in the front bed. The pizza man pulled up just in time and we called the end of the second period to take it inside for dinner.

Now we are playing the third while E and L watch the Leafs play Philly. I think we may just be a hockey family now. I'm picking up my knitting needles in a bit to veg out and get my afghan done so that I can start in on my scarf.

Today's ranking: (scale of 1 being very bad and 10 being very good) a 7. If I'd gotten my Garmin it would have been a 10!

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