Thursday, September 17, 2009

Follow up

Sad news indeed, another shrug. Another angle that I can check off. Its not my thyroid. Odd thing was, this doctor confused me even more than well, my symptoms. She claimed I was not low but high. Um? Not what the last four doctors reported. I walked out wondering if she knew who the current Prime Minister was or today's date? Why would four doctors tell me I was low when she said borderline high. Interesting? Not! Just very frustrating.

So now I've got one more specialist. This doctor actually specializes in Perimenopaus and Menopause. Such a pain given that this doctor is terribly exclusive. I've researched him. His pedigree is impressive. He is the most studied doctor in his field available in Toronto and the GTA. His credentials also mean that I'll be paying through the nose for his care before he even looks at my lab results. Oh well, I've done my homework. Gone at it from every possible angle with specialists. I shouldn't feel guilty for seeking him out at the expense.

If one more doctor turn and asks me if I'm depressed I am going to launch a fist! I'm not depressed...I'm pissed. Seriously! When in doubt, blame the patient? Do they actually teach that in med school? I've got hotflashes, night sweats, dry eyes and dry other things (sorry lots of info there) my hair is thinning and my scalp hurts whenever I get my period. I have little to zero interest in sex and a constant feeling of fatigue after doing only half what a normal person could do in a day.

I get anxious and frustrated easily before my gee I guess that makes me a women. Sad, only when something upsets me and that's few and far in between. Think of death only when someone around me has kicked it or been diagnosed with something fatal. Confused, only when someone tells a blonde joke that I haven't heard before. Forgetful, yeah..some days worse than others. I get angry and frustrated with my kids but then what mom doesn't? My kids are challenging but I'd be beaten in a show of hands if I make that declaration in a room filled with moms.

So you tell me, cause if I'm depressed, give me the freak'n horse pill of happiness cause I've got housework looming.


  1. LOL....Katie I hate to tell you this but I was going to ask you the same thing. With my depression I feel all those things you described, but I also am very short on patience and will cry at the drop of a hat.
    My medication definitely helps - but I still need a nap every day and some days are better than others.
    I hope you can get some answers Katie - I can't believe how hard this must be for you. How can the last Dr. give you such different answers? Do you have to wait awhile to see the specialist now?

  2. The next specialist is Early December. From what I understand, from a few women in another support network that I belong too. They all experienced the exact same things I did and all the run-a-round too. But you've got to go through the process of investigation to rule things out.

    I'm just about done that. All that's left is to see if a bone density test is necessary. I'll get that ruled out in 6 weeks.