Saturday, September 5, 2009

Saturday...the write off

I had the best run this morning. Got to catch up with Sheree. Its been awhile since I've been able to run with her. I started running with the idea that I would prefer it to be a solitary exercise but have determined that I much prefer the social aspect of it. I'm sure hoping that Lindsay (my current running partner) decides to take the 10k clinic because otherwise I'm going to be terribly lonely. I'll actually have to run with my thoughts and trust me, that's not good company.

The run today was very good. Only a little stiffness in my calf but unless I thought about it, it could be completely tuned out. A very good thing. I was afraid that my aches and pains were a sign that running would not be in my future. A horrifying thought.

After getting home and getting cleaned up I tried to replenish but I felt so depleted. I think the late night and cosmos caught up with me. I just sorta dragged myself around until 2pm and collapsed into unconsciousness. Three hours later I got up groggy and grouchy. Poor family. Dinner was lousy. Hubby and I are still sort of dragging ourselves around. You'd think that someone drugged us. Too bad they didn't drug the kids too!

Even after park time they are still active and pulling out all the toys and just scattering them about as quickly as I can put them away. I'm getting ready to pull out the garbage bag and get rid of more than half of them. Much of it is just odds and ends that get tossed out of the toy box because they are in the way of the good stuff located, of course, at the bottom.

I'm going to spend sometime tonight planning all the meals for the week and getting any of the ingredients not found in either freezer or pantry onto the grocery list. I didn't go shopping today so its got to get done pretty much first thing tomorrow. Going granola as hubby likes to put it. He wants to over haul his attitude toward food. Which is nice because I've always felt obligated to cook a certain way because he was closed off to things like sweet potatoes, quinoa and kale. Ok he asked for it!

Its another busy week ahead. E. is back in school as of Tuesday morning. Funny thing was that I was so sure that it was Wednesday morning. He almost missed his first day of SK because mommy has fog head. Almost not funny. I'm also headed back to the gym starting Wednesday morning and will go two to three days a week depending on the household schedule. L. will like that. He loved the daycare there.

I'm looking forward to having my schedule back. It would certainly be nice if I could start attending to some of the things that have lapsed since the beginning of summer. A new beginning for more than just kindergarten kids.

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