Sunday, September 6, 2009

Menu Planning

Pretty Sunday. There are big potted mums waiting for me at the store with lots of great fruit and veg for me to pick up. My L. ran in to my room this morning to wake me up with a hug and sticky kiss. Wafting the smell of pancake in his wake. Shiny happy children and coffee waiting for me. But hubby seems to want to quarrel but then he is sitting here paying the bills. That would put a bur under my saddle too.

I stayed up late last night watching chick flicks "My Best Friend's Wedding". The couple in the movie have the same wedding song as Ken and I. I was getting all mushy and romantic hearing it. Then "Mean Chicks" but only because I was busy menu planning and didn't have the extra brain cells it would take to choose something else.

I have the lunches and entrees for the week selected. I just need to put them in some logical order according to the day's schedule. For example, Tonight is an easy night so dinner can be more elaborate. Monday is still a holiday but we have a busy day planned with the dog trainer in 7 pm so clean-up needs to be done well in advance. Tuesday is Run Club so dinner must be early and light. The rest of the week is pretty clear so there is no rushing about.

Lunches will be more of a challenge. With E. going back to school and L. and I heading to the gym. Preparing lunch will require some organization and speed. I'm considering doing some of the meals up ahead of time and just keeping them in the fridge so that I don't grab bad choices because I'm too hungry to make my planned lunch. Breakfast on the other hand will be easy and likely a bit boring for the next few weeks while I get used to getting up early again and getting everyone out the door.

Almost have my list complete. Will scarf down some breakfast and head out. I think Ken's got some activities planned for the day so I'll need to get it into gear in the next few mins. Such a lovely day.

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