Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Well the day came and went. Started out with a chilly wet run covering about 7.5 K Then a quick dash to the dollar store to pick up mittens to match the boys costumes. After a quick bite and a fast shower we head over to the mall. The boys had so much energy that L. was actually hopping around the pet store.

After nap time huband carved the pumpkins while the kids munched on their dinner. Things quickly sped up. Before I knew it, it was time to paint E.'s face and get the boys dressed. They were so cute. I took as many pictures as I could manage but they wanted to get out into the action.

Once out they were giddy. I helped L. up and down the porches. Some of those porches were difficult to navigate. Add twenty excited kids to the mix and it became a bit treacherous. Didn't stop him from insisting that he'd carry his own over flowing candy bag from door-to-door. We went much further this year despite the cold. I really love that the boys are getting old enough to enjoy this holiday. I love their excitement.

Perhaps next year we can decorate the outside of the house more elaborately. It might actually draw more kids to get the candy that we over purchase every year. Only about 10 kids this year.

What on Earth will I do with all the leftover treats?

Friday, October 30, 2009

Making Cow

I'll post later.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Weekend Wrap-up

Well the climb/anniversary weekend is over. Husband and I went out for dinner Saturday night. A lovely date. I sometimes forget how it was before we had kids. We have an excellent babysitter so we never worried for a minute. Only talked about the kids if we wanted too but mostly just talked about this and that.

Today, we were supposed to go to a birthday party for a boy who was in E.'s old classroom. Then I hatched a better idea. We went bowling instead. It was a lot of fun. L. doesn't like to actually bowl the balls himself so hubby and I took turns picking him up and carrying him and the ball to the lane and bowling while holding him. Believe it or not, we bowled way better holding him than we did nearly empty-handed.

We played the arcade games and grabbed some lunch and came home and emptied the toybox and played with the kids. When we went upstairs for naptime it looked like TRU lost its lunch in my living room. Clearing it with a shovel had been tossed out there as a remedy.

You know I should feel guilty for blowing off that birthday party but I just can't bring myself to care. How terrible is that? Not. There was going to be 25 kids packed into a tiny play area. I'd rather have root canal.

This is going to be a very busy week. Finishing up the costumes being the next biggest priority bested only by lesson planning. Then the boys various activities and my various commitments. Halloween is going to creep up on us so quickly it will make our head's spin. I'm so looking forward to taking my crew out. I think we've cleaned the library of every book on Halloween. I'm getting them good and excited this year. Its the first one that both boys really understand the gist of it and aren't terrified by the idea of witches, skeletons and bats. They are looking at the prize....the candy sacks that brim!

Saturday, October 24, 2009


I did it. I'll likely do it again next year with the aim of not being hungover, over tired and dehydrated and I may actually eat the morning of the climb and the day before. Next year, Ashely and I are going to trim 5 mins off that time with fewer breaks.

It was a long haul and I was happy to finally get to the top and get that bottle of water. I was happy it was over and accomplished. The get together was a blast. Now I'm off to take a good long nap and then get ready to go on a date with my husband.

Six years. Six wonderful years. I wouldn't change a thing. I thought of my husband the whole way up the tower. Hoped that he would be proud of me. I remember being in awe of the fact that he had climbed the tower a few times. Thought only crazy healthy people desired to do that. Now I'm one. He inspires me to do a lot of things I never imagined for myself. He's the best and so very loved.

Friday, October 23, 2009


Ok so today is the day. I've got my list of stuff to pack which I ought to be doing now instead of writing this blog entry but...whatever. Thanks to my hubby I've got a foxy outfit for the night. He dug out the air mattress so that I don't have to sleep on Jan's carpet. I've dug out the bottle of Pomegranate Cosmos from the basement. It actually looks pretty yummy. Mental note: Pack extra strength Advil for hangover.

I'm really looking forward to this. Jan is a lot of fun but pair her with Pam and Azzie and the other 67 women from our group and its going to be SICK! Its my goal to get to the top in about 20 mins but Husband is convinced if I'm hungover that it will take me longer. We'll see. If anything I'll be tired from a lack of sleep.

I'm not looking foward to the drive into the city though. I hate the 401 and even worse when its dark and raining :S I'm not in a huge hurry so it perhaps it will be a nice opportunity to sip a Tims and listen to some of my music.

Ok so its time for story time. I still have dishes to do and packing. eeeekkk....

Have a great weekend everyone. I'll post my time and tales of my adventures when I get up on Sunday from nap time.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Drop it like its hot!

I feel like I'm stealing something. Should home schooling be this easy and this fun? Since we've been doing so fabulously but been a bit cooped up for the last 3 days I decided today was fun day. We headed outside to play hockey in the drive way. Poke at ladybugs and collect leaves. Then after sandwiches I broke out the bag of cheesies and the NHL Wii game. Once E. got his fill he turned and asked to do some work. It doesn't get much better.

We are starting to see some movement forward again. The other night we saw a familiar upset when he declared that he didn't want to go to Karate. He said he wasn't good at it. Then I said that Daddy wasn't either but that he was still willing to try and get better. That even Sensi still works on his art and he's been doing it for 20 odd years. We were able to get him out the door. On the way out I mentioned to husband to discuss this with Sensi.

Upon their return, I was informed that Sensi spent some extra time and engaged him through some separate play then got him back in fighting form. E. was all smiles and stories. A victory. Definitely a victory.

We are moving forward on getting him feeling more secure and confident. We are getting fewer meltdowns (none so far today). We are getting him to be a bit more independent. Accepting his quirks and working to his strengths and setting him up for small victories to boost his ego seems to be the right combo for winning rewards.

Now this aside, sure I'm not getting as much down time as I used to. Nothing around the house is getting down right now. I'm not going to let it stress me out. I'm going out after dinner tonight to get an outfit to prowl about the TO venues with my gal pals. I am looking forward to "chick" time in a big big way. If anyone knows how to have fun, its these girls. 67 ladies from across Canada are invading Toronto tomorrow. We are all getting together at a bunch of rotating events and then climbing the tower on Saturday morning then heading to Marchè for brunch. I'm hoping for some hilarious pictures and butt pinches....ok so they are a touchy feelie group.

I just hope I can manage the navigating to the different parking lots. Gosh its going to cost me more to park my car on Saturday then it will to eat at the restaurant. I suppose it also means no booze with breakie. I'll just have to drive home and indulge while I soak off my sore quads in the tub.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I've only got a few minutes to spare before the day ramps up. As you know I'm home schooling now. I'm actually really enjoying it because E. makes it easy. If its presented in a fun, non-drilling manner, he's in there like a dirty shirt. Makes me wonder how bad he was atrophying in that class. Today we'll cover more math (addition and subtraction on a vertical without a carry) then we'll do more pattern recognition. We'll practice printing a bit more. Just a page or two because this really bugs E. We'll follow up on our Anatomy lesson from yesterday and have E. label the Skeletal System, good news on this one is that now he is not freaked out about Halloween Skeletons anymore! Then we'll do some fall theme work and I'm just formulating a craft in my brain. The peculator is a little slow moving today.

Then when its starts to wind down we'll take a break and do some "kid-chefing" of some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. I'll also take that opportunity to make the side dishes for dinner. After that we'll have some story time and free play.

I've got a girlfriend swinging by around 7 to pick up the old baby gear. I'm going to be so happy to see that stuff go. I've kept all the really important stuff like the linens (to make into a quilt for each boy) and some precious sweaters and sleepers. The rest has pretty much been farmed out. Can't keep everything. I'm just happy they are all going to a good home LOL

Things are motoring along quit nicely here. L. has changed his mind back to Zebra so nothing is being done on his costume until just a few days before. I've collected all the things necessary to make it one way or the other. Asking him to be certain is likely too much of a challenge. Easier to just be prepared. Insane, right?

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Chaos and Giggles

From the ashes of a turbulent week we managed to have some crazy fun. To celebrate E.'s birthday we had the none birthday party. We asked E. to choose three of his best school mates and his brother to go bowling with. We invited these school mates and their parents and older/younger siblings to come bowl a round with us. We wound up dividing into two teams of 6 on two lanes. Bowling like crazy, laughing and having a blast the hour blew past. When the dust settled we couldn't figure out what team won but we all agreed that it was a great way to spend a Saturday morning.

We then piled into our cars and headed to McD's for food on us. That was a blast and more chaos. The kids were hungry and you'd be surprised how hard it is to order food for 12 people but I managed to place the order and get it all sorted out and doled out. Everyone fed, all the kids running around in the play area we had a great time. I sure made for a long get together.

The toys were played with and the mess cleaned up. Naps were attempted and failed at. I was too wired from the day to fall asleep but too tired to get up and do anything constructive until later in the afternoon.

I did manage to help get the house tidied up. The family fed and the rat ears that I molded sewn on to the Remy costume. I know need to glue them back and into place then stitch on the chef's hat. Hem the sleeves and legs and make tail and shoe covers for it then its done!

Then on to L's now cow costume. Yes, he changed his mind but I've got everything except the cow bell. I'm searching for a cow bell. But if I don't find one I'll make one (some how I can hear Misty laughing at me).

I'm also researching theme units and worksheets to start easing E. and L. into doing their schooling with me. I've got curriculum books but they've only have a few sheets of each section. I'd like a few more on each task. I'm really looking forward to working with them. E. makes it easy because the thirsts for knowledge. His little brother requires a little coaxing with a game but has the same good attention span like his brother.

Our first unit....Volcanoes. We build an erupting one tomorrow.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Sweeping Changes

We've completed E's testing. We were testing for what we already knew. I suppose just a confirmation needed to be made to ease our minds. Odd, we don't even need to see the report now. Its like the light bulb finally completely turned on for us. Some times a person just has that "aha" moment.

There was been one heart break and issue after another with our experiment with putting E. in the school system. Now, we knew that we were putting him there to give him a shot at hanging out with kids his own age even though all our previous experiments with kids his age had been a bit of a bust. It certainly wasn't for the "education". He's got a core group of friends that he has grown up with and they are fairly accepting of him and don't think he's an alien. With them E. can be himself and have a good time.

At school, that's a whole different matter. Even the teacher treats him poorly based on her obtuse view point. Really, when did they narrow a teacher's scope so horribly? Teach to the lowest common denominator and paint children with too broad a brush because you simply don't have time or resources to see a child for who he/she is, a unique individual. Shame.

So yesterday after having an upsetting conversation while holding a shivering toddler and watching E. squirm and wring his hands next to the teacher. After having been lied to for over a month about E's progress in school, I stood up on my hind legs and yanked my son out of their reach. No more! No more listening to other people tell me about my son when they haven't got even the slightest clue what the under lying issues are. Not that this teacher (I use the term loosely too) even cared. As far as she was concerned my son was the only obstacle to her having an easy ride. Piss on her. She's lucky I didn't rip her a new on right there inside the gate!

My husband however, cannot be deterred from giving her the what for. He's got an appointment with the principal and he's lodging a complaint and having him officially withdrawn from the school. I can't bare to be there because I know myself too well. I'd be frothing at the mouth and that helps no one. I believe my son's account of his last month in that class. I believe that it was a wasted venture and now I have to concentrate on moving forward and ironing out the damage that was inflicted.

OK, yep that means I'm home schooling. I've been assuming all along that I'd need to do this at some point. Either as a stop gap measure until he could be taken into a private school or until he was old enough to return to the public system in an accelerated program. I cringe thinking about doing that again. I woke up this morning after having had a tortured day yesterday and actually felt awesome!

I am relieved. The next steps are the easy ones. This morning E. is smiling and laughing. Having a great time. Its nice to see his shoulders relax. He isn't chewing on his things today. He isn't wringing his hands. He went to bed last night sobbing and clinging saying that he didn't want to be kicked out of school. He must have thought that he did something bad, or that he was a bad kid. Not at all. He's a diamond!

So much to plan for! I am excited! This is a beautiful sweeping change. I don't look at it as a failure. I see it as an opportunity. I'm taking the road less traveled! Typical for me isn't it! LOL

The plan for the day....gee interesting concept.

Breakfast: Kashi with milk, coffee vitamins
Lunch: Homemade Turkey Veg Barley Soup
Dinner: Grilled Chicken Breast, wild rice pilaf and broccoli rabe w/peppers & garlic

Things to get done: Make E.'s bowling cake, going to try fit a run in either before dinner or before the kids go to bed. Sew the molded ears and chef's hat onto E's Remy costume. Most important....HAVE FUN!!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Today my boy turned 5. Wow! I can't believe how much he has changed my world. I remember that day so well. Seeing that tiny person. All brand new. Full head of black wavy hair and the voice of an opera singer giving me the what for! Seeing the 7lbs 3oz print up on the screen as he was being weighed. The squeeze of his tiny fist. The crushing wave of happiness and relief to see his little face. Now five years later. I'm still struck dumb by him. He's fabulous.

I sat on his bed last night for 10 minutes stroking his hair. Touching his fingers. Gazing at him while he slept. I remembered all the days after he was born when I just held his sleeping body and watched him. Almost afraid that if I put him down he'd stop being real. My life has curled around his and its wonderful.

Ok, enough! I've got ears to mold for his Remy costume. Can't spend the whole day being a mushy mess.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Ok so not my most productive day. Got the kids up, dressed and E. off to school. Headed out to Walmart in search fabric. For some reason I was under the impression that they sold some fabric pieces. Perhaps I'm hallucinating. I did manage to find a bit of what I needed to make the chef hat for E's costume.

The rest of the day was a bit of a blur. I collapsed into a coma quickly and got up just in time to get E. ready for karate. Husband was a dear and picked dinner up for himself and the boys so all I had to do was to get ready for my run.

I have no idea what distance we ran tonight. Its also a real shame that my Garmin didn't record my pace. Though I was running on my own tonight I know I was going at a pretty good pace and feeling pretty good doing it too. I'll have to figure out what went wrong so that I don't repeat that again.

I'm headed to bed in a minute or two. Was hoping that my hair would be dried in time but oh well. I can scarcely keep my eyes open now. Nothing works off stress like a good run. I'll head out again tomorrow for a longer run. It makes for a nice break in the evening. I'll likely have to run some laps around the hood so that I'm under street lights.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Thanksgiving Monday

Happy Thanksgiving!

I've been pretty much in the kitchen for the last couple of days. This comes as no surprise, does it?

I was inspired to go for a run yesterday morning and I clocked another 6.5K on the meter. Came home, showered and ate lunch and got right to work. I did manage to get an hour nap and got up and tucked my turkey into the oven. I got dinner on the table for 6 pm and in about 20 mins later that was that. It then only took me 30 mins to clean up since I clean as I go. Had my feet up and tv show on before the kids were out of the tub.

The rest of the evening was spent vegging and nursing tender feet. I definitely think its time for new shoes. My legs felt good after the run. No need to ice anything. That of course makes me happy. I was running a long yesterday morning. Thoroughly enjoying my route. The trees were gorgeous and the sky was that brilliant crisp blue. Then the next thought just popped in my head. I felt like Forrest Gump when he decided to run from coast-to-coast and back again. Sometimes a person just feels like running. Who knew?

Today is a no cook day. I've earned it!

Friday, October 9, 2009

The Long Weekend

I've been looking forward to this weekend for a long time. Funny thing was that it kinda snuck up on me. The calender has a way of playing tricks on me. I suppose I've been a stay-at-home mom so long that really the days really do blend. Today, could be Monday for all it really matters. I know I've said that before but its true.

I spent the morning in the kitchen again today experimenting with breakfast cookies. All the benefits and almost none of the sugar. It seems that L. isn't a pancake boy so I needed something that was better than cereal. He doesn't like oatmeal so I had to employ another mindset. Cookies for breakfast! Why not? I created an oatmeal cookie that is actually good for him. The great part....He loves them. Asks for the biggest one and will scour the bag of cookies looking for the prized selection. Another victory for mommy. Those boys have consumed more icky vegetables in the last two days then they have in a dog's age!

I finished my baked beans after setting them up to do their thing over night. At 2:30 when L. fell out of bed and woke me up all I could smell was garlic. I was a little worried that I OD'd on the garlic but by 6 am it smelled heavenly in the house. My beans are tucked away in the freezer now, portioned out into double serving sized bags so that with a little notice they can be pulled out for future dinners. I'd keep going but I've officially run out of room in my freezer. I will not have any available space for anything else until I can evict my turkey and the apple pie that is taking up all the room.

I managed not to tire myself out so completely today. I'll be in fine shape for a nice long run tomorrow. I plan to run again on the weekend to help burn off some of the weekend's decadence. I'm really looking forward to making that meal and just hanging out with my guys.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Mom 1, E. 0

So the pancakes went down well. E. must have been absolutely ravenous. I actually got a compliment from him! L. on the other hand does not like chocolate (odd eh?) so he did not eat them. I'm less worried about L. because he will still eat pretty much anything and everything I put in front of him. He seems to love boiled cabbage, nuff said. So with that victory under my belt I'm moving on to make a plethora of other "good" foods. They'll have to get used to it.

I'll likely be in the kitchen all morning. I'll certainly need my nap. I think I'll head out for my run, as soon as, Husband and E. get home from Karate tonight. No matter what time I choose it will still be a dark run. I'll stick to the neighbourhood loop so that I'm in a well lit path and close to home and to friends should something arise.

Scarfing down my breakfast now. I've got 9 mins until I hit the kitchen for a major culinary workout. Its like I'm in training for the cooking race I'll have on Sunday for Thanksgiving. Monday is our stretchy pants lazy day!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


What a crazy day. Originally, I was supposed to hosting a Gate Mom coffee morning at my place but because we were all sick last week and everything piled up around here I decided to postpone it and try and get some of the laundry and tidying and maybe get a chance to just hang out with L. and play.

I spent the morning just playing with L. It was great. He's a sharp one and so totally cute. Very fun. Then the morning turned on its ear. I created a pasta with pureed chicken breast, milk, cauliflower and disguised it all in a white cheese sauce. It was ingenious, truly. There was almost zero texture which is the issue for E. He will not eat any meat if there is a texture. Its a struggle to get him to even eat a hot dog which has zero texture.

I've been feeling terribly anxious that he just isn't getting the nutrition that he needs so I've decided today to pull out all the stops. There is going to be some mad experimentation in this house this week.

Its 9:46 pm and I've finally decided to sit down and munch an apple. Tonight after dinner (that didn't get eaten by E. and was sent to bed without a supplement of pb sandwich because we think that he's also waiting us out for the good stuff. Power struggles :S) I headed out to the grocery store. I picked up a whole new arsenal of veggies to hit him with.

Tonight I prepared a breakfast that can't be refused. With a flour blend of unbleached flour, whole wheat flour and wheat germ in equal proportion. Banana. Peanut butter, pureed carrots and sweet potato, egg, milk and chocolate chips. The creation....Funky PB Monkey Pancakes. I nibbled the reject pancake and OMG it was fantastic. If E. rejects these pancakes them I'm marching him to a doctor to have his tongue looked at!!! I haven't had anything that good in a long time!

So they are tucked into the fridge to be reheated by a bleary-eyed mommy before she even has a cup of coffee, first thing in the morning. Along with the pancakes, there are bags of spinach, zucchini, cauliflower, carrots and sweet potatoes. Broccoli and sweet peas. All of these precious veggies are being turned into purees tomorrow and every meal those boys get will get a few tablespoons stirred in. Flaxseed and wheat germ and oat bran in everything that I can hide it in.

I'm declaring war! Armed with breakfast cookies and spinach puree hidden in peanut butter I'll win the battle. I am determined. He after all is only a 5 year-old.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Productive Tuesday

Wow, if I had know the recipe for a productive day was to be karate kicked by L. all night (yep, bad dreams so he slept in our bed, plastered right up against me). I got up early and managed to not only get the kids fed and dressed, as well as, myself. I also managed to get E's snack ready and them in their gear and out the door well before the locks were taken off the gate. We had to sit in the car and chat for a bit until everyone else showed up for the day.

Got back to the house with L. and got a few loads in the wash. Cabbage rolls in the crock pot (yeah we wound up having spaghetti last night because there were too many errands to do during the day). Pea soup bubbling away and prepared a brine for my chicken breast. I'm just waiting for my soup to reduce a bit more then I'll sit and have some lunch.

I still have a few more loads of wash to do but I'm in less of a hurry to get that done since it seems that the fairies are stealing my laundry baskets again :S I hate that! I hate housework. I find value in the work and the house always seems so much nicer after its done but trying to do the housework while the kids follow along either fighting with eachother or making larger messes just makes me want to say "forget it".

The plan:

Breakfast: Banana and Kashi bar

Early Lunch: Homemade Pea soup with crackers

Dinner: Grilled chicken breast & green salad

After run snack: Yogurt parfait.

Exercise: Lots of housework and cooking....and run club *Squeeeeeeeeeeel*

Monday, October 5, 2009

Beautiful Morning

I love Mondays. Yep I'm odd. I like Mondays because it means I get a clean slate. I get to get us back on track, back on schedule. Its a wonderful do-over. E. went to school this morning. We actually got dressed, fed and out the door with plenty of time to get a good parking spot at the school. Of course I got the usual "I don't want to go" shpeal from E. but I ignored it. L was a handful at the school too but only because there were nice big puddles that I wouldn't let him play in.

E is 100% better, L is still sick. Stuffed up and miserable. I'm still stuffed up too so I can't throw stones. I've got more energy today. The sun is up. I feel light and think I can navigate us through this day without a lot of heartbreak :D

We'll go and pick E up just before 11 am and then come back for lunch. Then pile in the car for E's testing appointment at 1. Back in time for naps. Then Husband takes over at 5:30 taking them out to soccer while I get an hour of peace to myself to make dinner. I'm looking forward to that hour *giggle*

I am hoping for a quiet night of knitting and in bed before 10. I got caught up in the Godfather last night so I didn't shut the lights out until closer to 12 eeeeekkkk.

The plan:

Breakfast: 1 egg poached, toast and banana

Snack: apple & tea

Lunch: Homemade pea soup

Dinner: Cabbage rolls & green salad.

Exercise: 1 hour of yoga

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Oh I am so sick. Stupid cold. E got it and gave it to L and L gave it to Mommy. It was my thought that if I were to get sick that this was the week for it. I determined last Saturday that after the race I was going to take the week off as a rest week. Gentle stretching and just puttering around the house to let me legs heal from those crazy hills and that sudden burst of energy that had me sprinting to the finish line. I was hoping that I'd be back to robust health before Tuesday. I'm not exactly sure that will happen.

E is back to school after a week off and I couldn't be happier about that prospect. L and I will hit a park or a McD's playland tomorrow to help him burn off some energy before we attempt to sit in a waiting room for an hour while E gets his second session of testing. Then they get to go to soccer with dad when he gets home from work leaving me alone for a whole hour before dinner time. Hmmm what will I do with a whole hour to myself?

Today hasn't been a great food day but not necessarily a horrible one. I got up all fuzzy-headed and drank a cup of coffee. Took my vitamins and finished up my grocery list. Did the groceries, picked up Tim's and headed over to Stroud's for apples and garlic. I got a peck of Northern Spies and I'm guarding the bag with a jealous eye. I need to make room in the fridge for them or I'll have to store them in the basement to keep them fresh.

Decided to go with something spicy for dinner in attempts to help evict this cold. I didn't even break a sweat :( The beer was really good though. I'm a little light headed now LOL

The plan was:

Breakfast: only coffee and vitamins (I should have had some oatmeal...oh well)

Lunch: Tim's large decaf w/cream. Nacho's (about 15 Amy's chili & lime tortilla chips with 1/4 c of shredded cheddar. 1/4 c re-fried beans. 1/4c guacamole and 1/4 tomato salsa)

Snack: Camomile & lemon tea

Dinner: Catfish and Shrimp Etouffée served with brown rice. 2 Corona lites Drank one while I made the roux...that's how you know when its ready. It takes the amount of time it takes a regular person to drink 1 beer. hiccup :D Drank the other with dinner.

Snack: Apple with 1tbsp Almond Butter & decaf tea.

Kids are in bed at 7:30. I'm either going to watch the second hour of the Grey's Premiere and knit or just knit for an hour or so but definitely in bed and lights out by 10pm. But before they go I need to look up the classes October calendar online to make sure that E doesn't need something special for school tomorrow. Sometimes it feels more like I've got homework then he does.

Hoping for better health tomorrow.

Saturday, October 3, 2009


A few weeks ago before the end of clinic, our coach Misty had us sit down and think of a few future goals. All health or fitness related. My first goal, the one that popped into my mind was to run a half marathon. Forget that I still had to run the 5KA grad race (had a speed goal in mind). Then start the 10K clinic and run a 10K. My mind lept over all of it. Right to that magic 26.1km distance goal. So really there are a bunch of goals all tied to that half. I thought I'd sit down to day and time-line a couple more since I she had lit the fire under me.

  • Hitting the Gym no less than 2 times a week
  • 5KA grad race goal was (to trim 4 mins off my time, I could have accomplished that had the course not been mapped through the mountains LOL).
  • To meet that 5KA goal once this cold is gone I'll run that distance again with the goal to get the other minute knocked off. I'll likely run that on Thursday night as a regular run.
  • 10K clinic start - Tues Oct 6th
  • 10K Race - December 13th. To accomplish my first 10K No time goals in mind.
  • 10K Race - December 20th. Just to do it again for shits and giggles :D No time goal here either.
  • Start half training in December/Jan when that clinic starts up.
  • Run a few more 5K's just to get stuff and stretch legs and stay motivated.
  • Run the WIN Half (already registered so there is no backing out of that commitment).

Reward system: I'm going to break this down according to distance. For every 25-30K of training/race kms racked up I'll treat myself to either a new related gadget/item of clothing or a pampering thing like pedi or facial/massage.

All of these goals are short term goals. All to be accomplished before Summer 2010. After the New Year I'll sit down and write up another list of short term goals. I want them to stay as immediate as possible so that I don't lose interest. I have not entered the CN Tower Climb because that is almost purely social. I'm not doing any special training for it and have no time goal in mind.

Friday, October 2, 2009


After several emails and a marathon telephone call I can happily say that it feels good to be reconnected to Cindy. We call each other Sister. Its appropriate because she's always been my sister.

Hour after hour of chatting and reminiscing peeled back the distance and years. I got the answers that I was seeking and I've been assured that by opening the door, reconnecting would not be the fatal experience that I've both dreamed of and dreaded, all this time. There was nothing she told me yesterday that came as any big surprise. In fact, I was delighted to find out that a lot of my assumptions were right on the money. Things played out pretty much exactly as I had predicted. I have no regrets. I know I chose the right path. The only thing I wish I could have done better was to keep that channel open with Cindy.

Being only kids and having our lives shift so dramatically from year-to-year would have made that virtually impossible anyway. I'm relieved that she forgives the transgressions of not being able to keep better tabs on each other. I feel light.