Friday, September 18, 2009


After a night of crazy dreams I'm up and feeling pretty good. I guess its the Friday effect! Whatever, I'll take it. I actually do feel much better. Had a good long talk with hubby yesterday and I've got a plan. I'm very much an action plan sort of person and without one I just feel like I'm twisting in the wind. "Shake it off and move forward". Good plan eh? Yeah I like it.

Seriously, I'm in a great mood this morning. Today is also a coffee with the Gate Mom's morning. We will all converge on Denise's place and chatter away like hens for two hours then go back and retrieve our kidlets from school all hopped up on baked treats and full strength coffee. I'm drinking my usual cup(s) here so that when I go I'll just drink clear tea. I can't afford the caffeine overload.

Tonight I also have a date with hubby. We are conspiring to go and see a movie. We haven't done that together since just before E was born. Yes, its been a very long time. We've had opportunities with our last babysitter but always hovered a bit closer to home. Preferring to just catch dinner and cruise around Chapters and get a latte and some books. We'll see if we actually take the bait and see the flick.

The plan for the day:

Breakfast: Oatmeal w/coffee & vitamins
Snack: Something small at Denise's
Lunch: Shredded chicken and greens in an Ezekiel wrap with a cup of beef barley soup
Dinner: Out somewhere....I'll eat clean (no sauces) and cut the meal in half before I dig in.

Exercise: I've got to finish tidying the house before the babysitter arrives so I'll likely just do that. I'm running on my own at Club tomorrow since Lindsay said she wouldn't be able to make it so that will be a tough 6K because I will not have conversation to distract me from the hills.

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  1. Good luck with Run Club in the morning Katie. You'll do great!