Friday, December 31, 2010

The End of Another Year...Good Bye 2010

While I waited for a moronic woman reading the label on her carton of milk, to move her cart which she left in the middle of the aisle, it occurred to me that I could redirect my rage to something more positive.  You know?  Like thinking up some New Year's Resolutions.

No really, it was my fault for daring to get a few weeks worth of groceries on a day when just everyone needed to converge on the same grocery store that I frequent.  What was I thinking?  Clearly, not of my new resolutions.

This last week or two I've had some vague ideas float through the transom of my mind.  Some about weight loss and exercise.  Some about inner self-improvements.  Instead of writing a list of the same what not to do's I've thought perhaps it may be more effective to write a list of goals instead.  A wish list for 2011, of sorts.

Of course, on that list are a bunch of running goals both distance and time/speed.  What would my wish list be if I didn't have at least one destination race listed among the other races?  This year trail running will be thrown into the mix.  I have some fitness goals outside of running too.  It would be nice if I could get through one of Misty's classes without stopping or grumbling.  I'm sure she'd be impressed to hear me not whine for a change!

One large entry is to revamp our eating habits.  It's not enough that I should adhere to a clean eating habit and extend my years on this Earth.  I am hell bent to make sure my husband's days are pleasantly extended.  *stop rolling your eyes, Husband!*  It's true, he will put up the biggest fuss but then when he protests about eating lentils I'll remind him that it's better than allowing me to order Chinese!

A long with revamping our diets I also pledge to double my garden size and freezing/canning output.  I was able to put up several months worth of fruit and vegetables, the stockpile which has since been utterly depleted.  I believe strongly in quality and sustainability.  This goal also goes a long way to my getting more mellow.  I thoroughly enjoyed gardening on mass last year.  I'm already craving to get my hands into the seeds and soil.

There are of course wishes like more time with my husband, as a couple, instead of just two parents waiting until bedtime to get some peace and quiet.  There are the entries for having more fun with the kids instead of just shuffling between activities and chores.  I would like to remember what it was like to be a child, again.  Then there is an entry for being a better friend to those I care about.  One more entry for spending my spare or rather quiet time in more fruitful pursuits than watching TV.

Mostly this year I've decided I will not say "no-never"!  No more shutting the door on an idea before I can have a chance to truly examine it.  I can safely say that back when I was a chain smoker (yes, and it wasn't so very long ago shame is great) that I said there was no way I'd ever be addicted to running.  Goes to show..."no never" is a horrible train of thought.

As for my general unsociable qualities and potty mouth....well, if I changed everything about myself then no one would recognize me *snort*

Happy New Years!  Peace, love and fun to you all!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

It isn't over till the exhausted lady pours her tea!

It's a wrap.  8 pm rolled around and only the little bits of wrapping paper peeking out from under the couch remained.  The kitchen cleared of much of dishes and dinner remnants.  One kid passed out on the floor the other trying to decide how to carry all his bounty up the stairs.  The guests gone home to relax and let their over stuffed bodies settle.

It's amazing but the only other time when a day passed so fast was my wedding day.  Truly a blur.  I'm told our day started at 6 am when my husband crept downstairs by-passing the still sleeping children to start the coffee and make sure everything was ready for the kid's grand entrance.

Once in sight of the tree there was a wild frenzy that overcame the kids.  Without parental refereeing they would have opened every one's presents without so much as a thought or care.  The unwrapping of their entire stash didn't take longer then 7 minutes.  A new record!  Then they were so excited to dive into playing that neither husband nor I got a chance to open our own presents until nearly everything had been explored.

The rest of the day was occupied with food prep and entertaining.  Though never far from my hobbies I managed to incorporate my two dark passions.  Running and Cooking.  Yes, I used my Garmin to time the basting.  Every thirty minute interval had me up on my feet and pulling out the bird.  I got so good at it by the last 30 minutes that I could get the bird back into the oven before the end of the walk break!  Ha let's see Martha do something that cool!

Now with the kids in bed and my run gear in the wash for tomorrow I'm looking forward to a cup of tea, my knitting and a good night's sleep.  This was a good Christmas.  Far better than we had anticipated.  It almost feels as if I've been danced off my feet.

In the words of Ebenezer Scrooge "I have little right to be this happy but I just can't help myself!"

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Who'da Thought?

I think my memory must on the fritz.  For some reason I remember that when I was a little girl, the Santa list read: a baby doll in a pink dress, a Raggedy Ann, a tea set and a skipping rope.

I don't ever remember a time shopping for my boys when the gifts had an air of simplicity.  Searching for toys for them means sifting through the thirty different themed sets of Lego.  Getting just the right type of race track with the cars that change colour in water.  Not just any video game but one that can tell when you've walked in the room and identify you.  I don't believe they asked for anything that was generic save for the "bird" my eldest son declared he had to have.  Though he just said "bird", he was very specific in what colour bird he wanted.

I've also noticed that with the very specific gifts comes a very specific price tag.  Expensive.  It is the exclusiveness of these crazy kitted out toys that kills me.  I hunted all over Durham Region for one of the kids toys this year and when I finally got it in my hands and paid for then tucked away safetly at home I sobered up.  Turns out that purchase was largely fueled by the chase. 

My husband reminded me of a time when he was a kid and his dad gave him an empty appliance box.  Not as a christmas gift, he was frugal but not a cheapskate.  From this large box he fashioned many exciting toys.  Spaceship, castle, dog house, as examples.  The box captured his imagination and within it's paper confines anything was possible.

Now toys have lights, annoying music, sensors and the capacity to remember more than a 60 year-old person.  It comes in ten exciting colours and can be recalled at any time due to lead in the paint.  Staggering....I know.

I also recall my own mom telling that when she was a little girl she was happy with a rubber baby doll.  I guess being crusty is a hand-me-down.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

All I want for Christmas is clarity, hope and a Golden Retriever

A few days until Christmas and we aren't ready.  After being hit with a figurative truck we are struggling to right ourselves and get into Christmas mode.  I'm not going to share the reason for the derailment, it's far too personal even for this blog.  Though, I will say this, it sure has brought on a much deeper meaning of what this Christmas will mean to everyone in our family.

So I dash about making lists, checking them twice then editing the plans and recreating the holiday that was originally planned to accomodate a new and enlargened version.  More gifts to be purchased and far more food needs to be acquired.  Simplicity is being redefined.

If someone asked me a little over a week ago what I wanted for Christmas they'd have gotten a completely different answer than the one I'm asking for now.  All I want for Christmas now is clarity and hope.  Ok, that and a Golden Retriever that I can take out on 5k's.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Well A Fine How Do Yah Do....

Man forget saying Merry Christmas to some people.  I'm ever so grateful that my Christmas Shopping is winding down and that this year I can do it all by myself because I'm not sure after a shopping excursion that my kids wouldn't come home with a few new swear words to add to their "I'm not allowed to say that" list.  OK, stop laughing.  It is true that they pretty much have heard my full repetoire but have the good sense not to repeat "Mommy" words. *snort*

After getting some work done early this morning after a double school drop off I thought I'd head out and knock a few things off my list.  In the first shop I nearly got knocked over by a large man, and when I say large, I mean, block the sun.  Clearly he didn't notice me under his foot!  Not so much as a "sorry I didn't see you there, can I help wipe my boot print off your forehead?"  Nope, he just kept marching straight past so that he could be the first to get to a display of slippers.  Fine, straighten my ruffled feathers and continue on.

Next a woman cuts in front of me in a long line up at the cash register.  She's got just one item, clearly the gloves must have been deadly heavy.  Instead of making a big deal of it, I choose to let her go thinking someday she'll do that to the wrong person and get her butt kick from Karma.

A couple of items acquired I move on to the next shop.  Five minutes inside and there it is.  The truth I must now acknowledge.  This next gift could be a bomb.  It's like shopping for a new nuclear reactor when you haven't got a clue how much one ought to cost or what features it should have.  It just spells trouble.  That's a gross exaggeration but when you consider that a ill planned gift can blow up just as big, it's a big decision.  Choose wrong and someone gets hurt.

There I was, holding up a line at a frantic store.  Asking an opinion-based questions of something which I had no working knowledge.  I got eye rolls from the younger patrions.  I got grumpy/impatient expressions from those senior to me.  I could read their thoughts "Oh lady, just buy them both and return one after the holidays like everyone else!"  I turned my back and pretended to not notice the back up I was causing.  Talk about performance pressure. 

Here's a warning to you all:  Buy your can of cranberries early and you'll avoid the inevidable stink eye from a fellow, pleasant, holiday shopper.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Hunt

Christmas shopping, one of my not so fun things to do.  Well that's not necessarily true.  I like the feeling of dragging all the loot into the house much the way a cat likes to leave it's people the spoils of the hunt on the front porch.  Do I enjoy the mall?  Nope, not even a little.

We were fortunate to have a chunk of time sans kidlets today and decided to use that time to getter done.  Yep the whole list for the kids was accomplished in one go.

Now if only my husband would tell me what is on his wish list.  It drives me crazy when he shrugs and says that he doesn't want anything.  I'd be willing to bet there were as many toys on his list as there was on the boy's never ending list.  While walking around the toy store this afternoon I could hear him the aisle over "light cool" and "oh wow, they've got The Iron Sheik!"   I'd also be willing to bet there would be more than a handful of video games he'd love to have.  I'm a little envious in one respect.  He gets to revisit his youth by playing with the boys and their toys.  I'm not so much big on the little green army men and Matchbox cars especially when I step on them in the dark!

I will admit I looked longingly at the big display of fashion Barbies.  I miss that new Barbie smell *sigh*

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Odd Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of.

That's right little pink fluff, dream about your cute little hat.  I love knitted hats but don't actually own one that I like.  I'm bad for either knitting or buying nice hats for other people but when it comes to me, it just doesn't happen.

Actually, besides running gear I really don't have anything in the way of proper winter clothes.  You can certainly see where my priorities lie. *giggle*
I was out in the weather for about twenty minutes this morning dropping one of my boys at school and found myself actually trying to dodge the wind.  I think my hard Winnipeg edge is wearing thin.  It's time for me to knit myself a hat.

Oh wait, that's right.  I'm still working on Sheree's project.  Sorry Sheree, I suck *frowny face* Ok, so I guess I'm working on that today *wink*  At least my lap will be warm!

Monday, December 6, 2010

What Am I Craving?

Oh man, I've got a craving and I can't put my finger on it.  Well actually, I can but I'm not going there.  But because I'm denying my love for all things Diet Coke and Chips I am reduced to scouring about for a healthy substitute that will fill the gap.  It doesn't help that I'm fussy.

I've eaten a good breakfast and a decent lunch.  I've had a couple of glasses of water and some Sencha but it's still there.  It's still calling me.  I'm sure most of it stems from it being the holiday season and the power of suggestion is strong with me.  Very strong...Yoda strong.  So what's a girl to do?  Well in my case not much more than just plain denial.  If what is good is not pallitable and I only want something bad...nothing is what I get.

Ok, fine.  What now?  Distractions!  Yes, good suggestion.  I suppose that's what is fueling this odd dialogue/blog today.  I found this site that lists what your body is really saying you are craving when you want things like chips and pop.  Calcium and Chloride.  Um ok.  Fascinating huh? 

Later I'll be craving Turtles, mandarin oranges, brie, cognac goose liver pâté on crackling whole grain baguette and Sauvingnon Blanc.  Gee what does that mean?  Holiday Hell!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Weekend in Review

This was one busy weekend.  Had a really great morning on Saturday.  Got out for a good warm up run with the BRC then headed to the Santa Shuffle with Cheryl and ran a pretty good race.  It wasn't a personal best but I'd be I could have pulled that out of the hat had I been in race mode from the beginning.  I'm very pleased at my training so far.  It's picking up nicely and I'm starting to feel like a runner again.  I will say this.  Racing is so much better with tunes.  Stupid Ipod died before the club run and I didn't want the hassel of fiddling with the Blackberry for tunes as I still have not set up proper playlists yet. It is now on the list of stuff to do this week, that and recharging my ipod.  At least it wasn't my Garmin!

I got a couple hours of peace after getting home.  I was pretty cold after sitting so long in wet gear.  I lobstered for a while in the tub then headed down and had some lunch.  Even got to watch a movie and get good and sleepy by the time the guys returned.  They were out marching in the Santa Parade and you would think all that exercise and fresh air would have tired them out.  Nope, wired!  Spent the rest of the night entertaining them and when they finally went to bed at 8, I was so bored that I retired at 9.  Yep, I'm that exciting.

This morning no sooner than I got a cup of coffee down it was time to get dressed and head out shopping.  My laptop has been dying a painful death for the last month or so.  The lid/screen is just about to snap off and it is so slow.  Husband has been treatening to get me a new one for a long time and today I relented.  Sadly, we didn't pause to look up what time the stores opened and were about an hour too early for the electronics store.  So off to wander around in Walmart.  Luckily, it was empty and we managed to get some things for the boys to start the Holiday list.

Then off to drop some wampum at Best Buy.  Where for an hour I watched E play a game on their demo Kinect.  He was really good.  I had a ball just watching him bop around and laugh.  Of course L got bored after a few minutes and started to wander away.  So there I was standing in the middle of an aisle separating the two departments keeping an eye on one child and the other on L.  I have to admit I was amazed at the constant stream of people leaving the store with really large flat screens.

The rest of the day was dedicated to putting up the Christmas tree and putting out the trinkets.  This is always one hell of a production.  Each year husband and I swear we'll get a new tree.  The one we have is a throw back to my Winnipeg days.  I figure it's got to be at least 14 years old.  Still in good shape but next to the new prelit easy to put up models this one is down right archaic.  Maybe next year....?  *giggle*

Half way through assembling it and putting the lights on husband turned to me and asked where the bottle of rum was. After searching for that for a while I just gave up and made a shaker of Cosmos.  Decorating the tree after that was a sinch.  Now it's just a matter of keeping the weiners from trying to christen it and the kids from playing with the ornaments.

The snow has been falling ever since.  We've already taken a pass at the driveway and porch and by the way it's still coming down I'll need to get out early and take another pass at it.  So glad I found the snow pants at least that's one less bad mommy award I'll win this week.

Well back to moving my files over from the old laptop. is no one's friend.  If it were I'd have a robo-mixologist keeping me in gin!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Butt Misty Broke!

Dear Misty,

I've been attending some of your workout classes for the last couple of months and they are really swell.  A new experience each and every class.  Tough.  Challenging.

However, I woke up this morning and attempted to go a long my morning routine when I realize that you made me break my butt.  It may have been the 200 lunges performed in class yesterday morning.  My one request to go forward, please send me a taller toilet.

You're devoted client.


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Do You See What I See?

It's the first day of December and it's snowing!  That means for me it's the first Day of the Christmas Season.  I'm even in a very light mood.

Yeah, I know while so many are chomping at the bit to break out the holiday trim the day after Halloween, I like to saver each season.  Each special day. I spent a little while winding down from Halloween.  Then working my way to Remembrance Day.  Then the happy non-holiday space in between.  Getting mentally geared up to have my house taken over by holiday trim and  Christmas music.

It is true that I tend to tire of it quickly once the day comes and goes and want to liberate my space of all the decor and stuff the tree back to where it came.  Picture the Grinch shoving the tree into the chimney!  I would be successful too if it weren't for the fact that hubby and the kids protest.  That is one of the reasons why there isn't much done before December 1st.

Today is that day though.  It's time to bust open a can of Christmas and get in the swing.  I've also been blessed with a little dose of fluffy snow flakes to really get the season off to a jazzy start.  This weekend the tree and all comes out.  Tonight a Ho-Ho-Ho martini to kill the pain of a harsh morning workout and some Christmas Tunes while I get some work done.  Yes...dip a toe in.  The season is fine......!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Last Vent of the Pre-Holiday Season

Ever feel like a warm wallet?  Ever get your back up when every where you go someone is asking you for more and more money?  For my husband and I it seems the last few holidays have been brutal for this.  Now my husband works for Sick Kids Foundation and sees where the money goes.  Not a day goes by when he hasn't seen a biography of a very sick child and his/her resume of treatments and surgeries (though they have these long necklaces of beads, each representing some sort of treatment/surgery).

Always reminded of the many hardships their family's have endured to find help for their children.  It weighs on him heavily and on me in return.  We've never begrudged a dime of the money we donate to that cause and always wish we could do more. 

Then there are the 5 million other causes that ask, and ask, and ask, all year long.  Programs all very, very worthy and so vastly under funded that their only real sources of income come from charitable giving.  Then there are schools fund raising events, churches, and after school activities.  It never ends.  Really, it never ends!  Of course I run the risk of people hating me for even putting this in print.  I am an adult and can say no to a cause when it comes to extra giving.  Everyone is entitled to their limit.  But everyone has a limit to how much their beating heart can be twisted.

There are those special charities like Harvest, Adopt-a-family, and any other where the goods actually get put right into the hands of the people who need it, with the fewest people in between.  These are the ones I target the most.  I never actually need to see them to know that "there by the grace of God, go I".  I just happen to be the lucky one that gets to give instead of it being the other way around.

I have been blue all day thinking of the young girl who will be the recipient of one of the charitable projects that E's class is doing this year.  Yes, a homeless girl.  Can you imagine such a thing?  Sadly, I can.  I lived in a city center where I got to see lots of that.  It was heart breaking.  I spent the morning shopping with my youngest, for this particular girl.  I intend to go back and pick up the rest of the list that doesn't get picked out by the other classmate's parents.  It's the very least I can do because I can't rush in and save her.

The final slap was an email circulated today for a donation to a gift for an after school activity instructor whom I will not name nor give hint to what activity (He is very well paid I should add before I'm BBQ'd).  The email suggested that the gift was in the hundreds.  Really?  All I could think was, Wow! That's extravagant given that though he is a great instructor, such an expensive gift seems ill placed.  Then there was the question as to motive.  Why such an expensive gift? Do people really expect such elaborate things?  Likely not.  Then why? What is this person getting out of arranging such a ridiculous display?  And there it is....the ugly side of Holiday Stress.

Have I turned into a Grinch?  Have I become a judgy-judgerson?  Or is this just a symptom of being stung by the needs of the world and the guilt that comes from living in a materialistic world?  There are days when I want to shrug it all off and go live in the mountains.  Today is one of those days.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Who Are You Looking At?

"Hurry up? Geez you're so slow...don't you want to get out there and run?"

"Well, yeah, but why rush? Both boys are in school and I've got lots of time. "

"Yeah, time to be a turtle. I've got a goal and you're going to come a long so hurry up."

Out in the open air the sun glinting off the bits of pavement recently thawed. The fields littered with ragged weeds and strewn tumble weeds of litter. The occasional squirrel clucking at us as we run past.

People driving toward us gawking and shaking their heads. As if a foot race is the most foreign concept to them at that moment. A nod or a hand wave from the rare driver who without the car is a runner, as well. An unspoken bond. Secret handshake.

With new music downloaded and a nice supply of energy I thumb through the playlist looking for the perfect song to match a pace beat too. It's a challenge. My run partner is always just a few beats quicker. Shooting me frustrated looks. "Go faster....screw negative split conservation, let's go! The return trip takes care of itself!"

I find a song and then fall casually into pace. Enjoying the feel of being back at the distance. Emptying my mind of all the important things. Letting things fall away until I feel a tug at my jacket..."come on!!!"

Needing to stop and wait out a light I get more sour puss stares but I turn my head and take a sip of water and get ready to cross the street and keep going. Once back at a steady pace I'm able to take a look around. It's 28 days till Christmas and everyone is getting into the swing. I see deflated snowman, Santas and snow globes just waiting for the right time to be pumped up to greet the children as they pass. I say a silent hello to them anyway. I kinda know how they feel. I'm starting to fatigue and my partner is pissing me off.

On the return I'm harped at even more. Thankfully, it seems a faster return than I had expected. Though now it's mostly on an up hill grade. Trying very hard to shut the mind off but with every tweet of my Garmin my partner looks like she's going to kick me. I'm amazed she hasn't started calling me worse names yet.

Only 2K left. I pick up my pace slightly and see my partner sneer. We start rounding our way through the streets leading to the end of the run and she picks up her pace. I look at my Garmin and skip the last walk break and start to find that rhythmic pattern so that I can increase the pace. 1-2-3-4 1-2-3-4 1-2-3-4 on and on and on and around the corner the end in sight. Breaking free, building faster and faster. Across the line. 10.05K complete. Cooling down. Finally my partner grabs my wrist with the Garmin and regards it for a minute. I bristle waiting for her to tear a strip off me.

"Huh, how long has it been?"

"8 months give or take a couple of days."

"meh, not too shabby" and she turns and bounds up the stairs and into the house.

I look down. 1 hr 12 mins. Yeah, not too shabby.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Anticipation/Frustration...hey they rhyme!

If you are a friend of mine you know that I've had a real fun time replacing a dishwasher. The fiasco started back when we moved into our house 5 years ago. When we moved in we really didn't question why the owner never bothered to fill the whole under the cabinet where the dishwasher ought to have been. We had a portable that was only purchased just over a year before so there was no rush to purchase something to fill the gap. Instead, we put a shelf in the space and put our microwave and bar fridge in there. This was a nice compromise.

I never much liked the portable, it did the job well and I was too cheap to get rid of it so long as it was functioning. Then last May the bottom sprayers some how magically became clogged. I asked my husband to take one of my plastic knitting needles and unclog it but I guess he thought the job was too disgusting to attempt and the next thing I knew we had purchased a nice new shiny dishwasher. Finally, I was going to get all that space back that the portable was taking up. We'd relocate the microwave and fridge. I'd get a dishwasher right across from the sink! Hallelujah!

Nope, not even close. Turns out it couldn't be done. The reason the owner never bothered was because he made a huge mistake when he changed the location of the sink causing the builder to relocate the cold air return vents which now ran directly under the island where the dishwasher needed to be. There was no hope of running any sort of plumbing when there was the venting there.

Finally, after staring at the very big box with my nice shiny new all the bells and whistles dishwasher for five months. The vents got moved. Then after both a plumber and electrician came in to install it, it's up and running in fabulous form. No more sink full of dishes. No more doing them by hand. Only thing is now it takes 3-4 hours a load. Some new energy economizing function on this machine. If it stretches out the length it takes for the loads to complete the less energy it requires. You'd think that would be important what with the hydro rates sky rocketing. JUMPING JESUS ON A POGO STICK!!!!! Are you kidding me???

Gahhhh what's a girl got to do to get some clean dishes? I could hand wash every cup, knife, fork and dish in the house plus my wedding china and crystal in the time it takes to do a lousy simple load of dishes. I'd still have time to polish the silver too!

I'd laugh if it wasn't so completely freaking ridiculous. You all wonder why I threaten to drink all the time?

Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Little Things in Life

You know when I'm not blogging I feel a little lost. It's the oddest thing but my creativity flows best when I'm putting things out there into the great void. Now I know some of you read this blog but when I started I figured that mostly it would go ignored (which is fine) and it would just turn into a diary of sorts. Like a message in a bottle. A peg to hang a hat on.

As I write, it's snowing out. The first real snow fall of the season and I should be out running with the club but have elected to stay home and hang out with L while husband and E are at a karate competition. It makes for a little bit of a boring morning. That snow is calling me...come run, come run. I feel like I do when I really want a diet coke.

That feeling of being a little wistful had me on the search for Vibrams again. I tried back on Tuesday to find a store location in the GTA but sadly each place that I contacted said that they were on back order and that the orders were incredibly slow to come in. I didn't want to order straight from the site because of the fit. Vibrams are notoriously difficult to fit blindly. You must measure both feet in a particular manner and then pick the longest foots measurement convert it and voila, either a good fit or a really bad fit.

Then the pair that I wanted most couldn't be ordered through the site but rather in the store. I guess I gave up the hunt at that point. But then Misty said she got her hands on some through a client (measurement goof) and she loved them. So it spurred me on. I went back to the website at 7:00 am barely awake. Coffee cup in one hand credit card in the other. And now I'm going to go and sit by the front door window waiting for my package! Ok so no I'm not that silly but I am anxious and can't wait to get out there in them. Aren't they pretty? Ok they are henious to look at and I'll look like a hobbit what with my cankles and all but so what? I wasn't winning any Running World cover shoots anyway.

Oh it's so beautiful out there...a thin blanket of perfection while more fluffy flakes flutter downward. I'm nearly tempted to bundle L up and pull out the jogging stroller, weigh down the empty seat, next to him and do a 5K trot. Ohhhh the idea is planted!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Wow, It's been a long time!

Gosh it's been what? Two, three weeks since the last blog? Gee you'd think I didn't have anything to say. Yeah I know, hard to believe.

There has actually been way too much going on for the last three weeks. Lots of stress, less time than is required and a lot of crazy. But then doesn't that sound like everyone's life too. Yep we aren't immune.

The good news is that my training has ramped up again. Feeling stronger than I have in a long time. Seeing some improvements and getting my mojo back. I have to thank my awesome friends Sheree and Misty for kicking my ass repeatedly to get me to snap out of my comfort zone. I wont kid you, I've made just about every excuse I could. Letting my fears of re-injury keep me in a holding pattern. I suppose there just comes a point when you see what you want and know you are just not going to acheive it by standing there watching everyone else.

Now comes the process of getting back to a healthier lifestyle. Moving toward a better diet and better rest. Better quality everything.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Wow, it's come and gone. The frantic race to design and sew two unique costumes. Then decorating the house and reeving the kids up for the day. I took out just about every book left in the library with a Halloween theme and read them in a crazy marathon of bedtime stories.

October is always a rush and each year it becomes an event that is more fun. The kids still howl if they see a haunted house and skirt the scary displays outside of the occasional house but they require less and less prompting each year. This year E was up there pounding on the door and yelling trick or treat as if his life depended on it. L was all in too but had me biting my lip each time I watched him navigate a pair of hazardous looking stairs. He was a real champ and was the last to give up the Halloween Hunt.

Once the booty was poured out on the floor he got the idea that he wanted to roll around in the pile the way adults dream of rolling around in a big pile of lottery winnings. It was all too hilarious. Though apparently, I'm the type of parent who utters "eat the whole sucker, no wasting!" *eye roll*

I have to admit I think I enjoy Halloween more as Mommy watching her boys have the fun she had as a kid. Not only can I relive that bygone fun but I can help spread the spooky sticky-handed joy.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Oh Enough Already!

This is the cold that never ends! Seriously, it gives me a day when it hides away making me think it's passing then BLAMO! It's back with a vengeance. I actually rolled out of bed knowing this was going to be a bad day. I don't like to let colds get the best of me. I try very hard to keep my spirits up because I know that there is something to be said about mind over matter. Still, holy! It actually felt like something heavy was sitting across my nose.

I sit here now composing this blog which is mostly just me whinning, with a completely congested nose. Later, I'll be coughing and likely lose my voice outright which will mean that the boys have a field day with that. They like it when I expose my soft underbelly. Makes it easier to go in for the kill.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Reason 7042 why I love my Husband

Life can be really crazy sometimes. Little issues become big issues. A thousand things on the to-do list pulls us in all different directions. Demands of busy days, responsibilities and fewer and fewer hours for personal time can really spin one's head around.

We try to live our lives as simply as possible. Being happy with what we have. Always expressing how blessed we feel we are. Still there are days when the outside world intrudes and we get grumbly. I think it is fairly universal now. Our home is no more unique than the neighbours in that way.

I don't need to list why I love my husband so much. It's usually pretty apparent. I am a lucky woman. But sometimes I'm reminded of just how lucky I am when after a very long and stressful day. After all the dishes are pushed to the side. The kids are rounded up and put to bed in a fashion that expresses how much we care about them and their needs but also trying to get it done to meet a conference call time.

I come downstairs to find the teapot filled and a single cup waiting for me. Some how, some way while he was scrambling about to prepare for the meeting and swooping around to help me with our nighttime routine he filled the kettle and made ME a cup of tea.

I love my husband because he knows me better than I know myself. I love my husband because he demonstrates how much he cares about me even if it's just a simple cup of tea that took him out of his way.


Monday, October 18, 2010

Sick Kid Monday

What do you get after a fabulous weekend? Yep, a cold. But not just a cold...a kid cold x 2!

Poor little pleas from a darkened room in the middle of the night for a drink of water. An echo of a cough from the other darkened room. That dramatic slap of the snooze button at 6 am.

A full day's schedule being rewritten in haste over the first cup of what will be an endless stream of coffee.

Cranky utterings from children not wanting their mother to intervene and change the channel from a movie they've watched 3 times since 6:30 am. Partly eaten snacks, strewn Kleenex balls and blankets cluttering the living room.

Oh the joys of school house cooties. This will be cold #3 for E and cold #2 for L. I'm feeling a little under the weather myself but I'm sure it's just the ill effects of interrupted sleeps in a strange bed and some of the worst food I've ever consumed, over exertion in the water park and the long drive home. Still, at least for me, if this is the hang over from a weekend filled with adventure, a lighter wallet and thousands of captured memories it was well worth the descent!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Pure Joy!

Have I ever told you that I adore Thanksgiving? That it is bar none, hands down, my favourite holiday. Not only is it the best culinary day of the year but it is also a weekend worth of priceless family memories.

This year we are lucky enough to have husband's parents join us for a dinner yesterday. FIL's health has been deteriorating rapidly and it sometimes feels like we live week-to-week wondering if we'll get many more memories with him.

This year each boy has had a fun field trip to a farm or farmer's market to explore the bounty of Ontario Farmers. They've come home for a new appreciation of the hard work it takes to put that food on the table from another perspective. Not just from mom waving a finger at them reminding them that there are starving children all over the place that would consider themselves blessed to have what they enjoy without much thought. Seeing it on the farm, touching the dirt and seeing the farmer's life makes it all the more tangible.

As part of our family weekend we took the kids out to Cooper's Organic Farm to trip along in the giant corn maze. Husband and kids were beyond delighted with the Maple Leafs theme because of their rekindled love of hockey. The whole trip was picturesque in such a corny fall themed way but sometimes corny is awesome.

The dinner has been planned and put off until tomorrow since the visit to the farm was followed by a very long family nap and a bit too much watermelon. Can't beat 10lbs of organic watermelon for $1.00!!! Seriously! I love getting into the kitchen with my glass of wine and my ipod loaded with opera favourites. Then kicking back with another glass of wine and letting everything roast for hours while I knit.

Our front porch now has five pumpkins (yeah that'll be work when it comes time to carve them) my kitchen is covered with hand print turkeys. Cut and paste turkeys. Of course my Thanksgiving tree and all my usual decorations. I celebrate large because I want my family to know that they are my everything.

I am blessed with the most fabulous group of friends. I have a good comfortable home that admittedly is not always clean but always warm and welcoming. I got to marry my best friend and
I love that each day he makes me laugh so hard I almost wet myself. My kids make my heart swell with devotion. Most days I even like my crazy wiener dogs. I have skills that make my life a little easier and faith that makes the hard parts more bearable. I don't need a holiday to be reminded of my many blessings but it sure is nice to have a whole day to celebrate them.

Happy Thanksgiving from my crew to yours!

Friday, October 8, 2010

What is wrong with you people?

Let me say, that I hate cell phones. I only have one because my kids are in some one else's care and I'm not entirely secure with that idea. Yep, I know, I'll grow out of that. But until that day comes I want to be reached if I'm needed.

Now that being said, I also have a phone just like this one in the picture. It's basic. It has a camera on it but the pictures are so spotty that they are unworthy of the effort. I don't have texting or web functions because I've deemed them wholly unnecessary. Essentially, it's the next step to starting a fire and beating it with a wet blanket. It gets the job done.

I spent a gorgeous morning in the pumpkin patch with my smallest darling. He was all smiles and behaved like the angel I'm used to seeing (though I wondered if starting JK had permanently altered that but that is another story....) We tromped through mud, poked at pumpkins, chased some chickens, and got to see all the farm animals. Picture a lovely sunny morning, gorgeous blue sky, golden sunlight lighting up the falling leaves. The perfect fall day.

So here we are, huddled around the farmer in the middle of the corn maze discussing corn and what products you can find corn (ok so everything). Then this woman pulls out her crackberry and starts texting what I could only imagine was a girlfriend. They carried on this text conversation the entire length of the time we were in the corn maze, every few seconds a bleep notification that she had a new text. I estimated we stood there for 25 mins. During that time the two children she was supposed to be watching were fussing and pushing at the other children being minded by the parents that were gawking at the twit with the blackberry.

OMG! Put the damn thing down and enjoy your child for Ch**&^ Sakes! You suck! Of course, I just smiled at her like the idiot I can be when there is something else itching to be said. My only hope at that moment is that I hope that damn thing falls in the toilet, then maybe your daughter can have a happier memory with you.

Ok rant over...phew.... Hey Kyla, goes right back to that discussion we had yesterday! Man alive!

Monday, October 4, 2010

A Parent's Prayer

Reminder to self: In five years we'll look back on this day and laugh. Then we'll mark it in our journal to read back to our son, as our wedding speech. Perhaps as a narration to a slide show of crazy "wish were never taken" pictures. Just a little get even.

But today it isn't as funny. Today the little hiccups are stressful and even a little heart rending.

As parents, we are given these beautiful little people to raise, mold and care for. I treasure my little guys and they certainly know they are loved. Understood, maybe not so much. As parents, if we understood everything they needed when they needed it, then many of them would reach adulthood with fewer mental scars. There was no manual that came with the diaper bag and spit-up cloths.

All we have is the cache of experiences from our own childhoods. Our own memories of what it was like to be a little one. A kindness that worked for us when we were confused or distracted. A punishment that came with a lesson learned. Many of us have not studied early childhood behaviour manuals. When a child throws a tantrum it's an easy guess that you wouldn't reward that child with the object he's kicking up a fuss about but would you know if he's throwing the tantrum to get attention? Would you know if the reason he's acting out is out of insecurity or low blood sugar?

So without the manual we muddle through. We make our mistakes. We have our triumphs and celebrate. At the end of the day we sit dazed and worried. Or smile and pat ourselves on the back for not dying on that day's hill. The war and it's many battles still lying ahead.

I'm just one of a few mom's drinking from the vodka cow today. Each of us battling blindly to get our kids into adulthood with one less scar. It sounds dramatic because to us, it feels dramatic. They are our everythings.

In five or ten years, I hope I can look back on these days and chuckle. From my lips to God's Ears.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Hmmm What's in Your Freezer?

It's that time again. The day I go grocery shopping. I've done a good deal of food hording through out the summer and a lot recently with the harvest from my garden.

My freezer seems filled to capacity which makes me wonder, hmmmm what's on the bottom? I know there is at least one turkey in there. I couldn't swing a cat last year without someone giving me a damn turkey.

Each time I dig around in there for ideas for dinner I feel like Jacques Cousteau, deep sea diving for sunken treasures. Going through the murky depths. Delighted by an apple pie. Shocked by a forgotten Lean Cuisine cira 2007. A mislaid bag of peas. Sick enough, at one point it was home to our pet canary (wrapped in layers of paper and double bagged with a label...quease) who had passed during the winter and deserved a proper burial, sans flushing down the toilet for background read this. Don't worry folks, at first thaw he got planted in the flower garden and is now guarded by a heavy decorative rock.

It seems with each shopping trip, something goes's a good wonder if it ever comes back out. *lifts eyebrow*

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

For all the ladies of the BRC

It was a topic of conversation before the Brooklin Run Club commenced last night. The discussion of Spanx and Spandex by and large.

The awkward battles to squeeze a certain size body into a tiny sized sausage tube. First one leg, then the next....trying to maintain balance. Then pulling, pulling and pulling until finally it's cutting off the circulation to your head.

Then the awkward roll at the top that cannot be disguised in the bust line. The stupid bulging at the thighs.

Who ever it was that came up with this idea never tried to take a pee in one after a few martinis! Damn you, you people who feel that a size 10 should be a size 2. Clearly you've been wearing a pair of Spanx too long and your brain has atrophied!

I wonder if it wouldn't be more practical to grease up my thighs and wedge myself into a wet suit? At least that way I could go swimming and stay toasty warm instead of having my stomach squeezed nearly out my rectum like a pet store hamster. (ok that last part was Natilee's quote...not mine but pretty much sums it up!)

Monday, September 27, 2010

*Blarg* Sick

Crazy weekend! Totally. Killer 6K run on Saturday. It was one of those mornings when you wake up and think. "Hmm well the run will either perk me up or kill me." It killed me.

This whole weekend has been viewed through hazy lenses. With that head not attached feeling. What a drag. The only constructive thing I was able to do this weekend was to give my front yard bushes a haircut.

I just puttered along clipping here and there and tucking the cut branch into the paper bag...moved it a long and clipped a little more. It took about 20 mins but looks much better. We were really getting shaggy there. Once the bag was stashed away I was spent. Ridiculous. Spent the rest of my time either sleeping or vegging on the couch. Now it's Monday and I'm over my head with stuff to do and still feeling sick.

Stupid school house germs!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

A whole lot of sweetness in the world

This week isn't going nearly as fast as I would like. Less than three weeks in and we've had our first taste of school house cooties. Yep, E got sick over the weekend. Yesterday L came down with a sore throat and a wicked cold.

This also means that Mom hasn't had a decent night's sleep since Saturday but no matter as I actually was able to steal some major cuddling time with both of them. That only happens now if they are sick or hurt. I know sucks eh?

I'll be happy to start on a fresh week as well because no matter how much I revise my to-do list, nothing but the bare essentials are getting done. A total drag. I did mange to put in some billable hours today so it is not as I've been sitting on my hands. It's just a rather abstract accomplishment.

What I have managed to achieve this week is nearly a whole week without consuming meat. Tonight's dinner was the first in 6 days to contain meat and I have to say...meh? Not exactly something to miss. I've been very good this week. My bid to eat healthy has amped up a notch. The only treats I've allowed myself this week have been budgeted for and have only been the afternoon coffee. I should really start taking pictures and posting them again. I was doing so well with accountability before the injury.

This morning we were very early for dropping E off at school and for 15 mins we sat in the car and just chatted and listened to the radio. Looking around and enjoying the beginning of the day. Then the cars started to fill in and we watched the parents bringing their kids through the parking lot into the school yard.

I watched intently to each parent and the way they hugged or held hands with their kids. A father with his son walking in slouch manner beside him. An arm casually draped over the boy's shoulders. Then a tug to the baseball cap and the boy was off to join up with his friends way down the yard. The father pausing just long enough to watch his son join the scrum.

Mothers walking with outstretched arms herding their little ones onto the sidewalk as if they were ducklings scattered about but headed in the same direction. Every parent I saw walk past had their own way of showing love to their children. I was happy that I got to see all of that while we waited for the first bell. It's nice to witness the good in the world. That wonderful element of our being.

It is too easy to get sucked into the idea that the world is a big bad place. That the majority would just assume step on your head to get to their destination but witnessing that kind of love, makes me seriously doubt any of that could be true. *sigh* My world is a beautiful place.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Rewards for Everyone!

Today was a departure. My first real day of having the kids in school. Getting out of bed at 6 am after nearly zero sleep, check. Getting everyone ready for school...check. Waiting in the school parking lot, dreading what kind of hell the day will end as....check. Both kids dropped off before their bell times...check.

Now on to the big hurt. Misty kicked my ass. Not that I'm surprised by that. Truly, I'm not. I know that I'm in horrible shape. She's just proving the point!

Part of the day, spent horizontal (ok curled up in the fetal position). Then off to face the inevitable. The school pickup. If I'm headed to hell it's going to be with a Tim's. So I head off early to pick it up and slurp it scalding hot while I wait for L's class to come out. Oh good...spied through the rear view mirror. He's in a good mood.

I get a far better report today. Things went much better. Pheww...a dim light appears in the tunnel. One down, one to go. We dash off to get the other kidlet. Park the car and slam right into a little mini drama! Oh joy. Heart ripped out of chest, as we get to the gate. E is crying. Poor thing. His beloved Yoshi has gone missing from the pocket of his back pack. OH GOD there is no justice. We scour the back pack..nada. We go into the school. Shoe rack..empty. Classroom locked. Lost and found box not forthcoming. After finding E's teacher she lets us look in the classroom while I get a mini update on his progress, besides the fact that he is dying without his Yoshi, he's doing jut fine in school....we are resolved to search again in the morning.

Just as we are exiting the school an Angel from God taps Ethan on the shoulder and asks if he was the boy who lost a toy. Was it Yoshi? Yes! This boy knows where Yoshi is...he retrieves it. I refrain from picking the boy up and bear hugging him. Instead he's thanked profusely for being kind, thoughtful and honest. The day saved....Mom wants the rest of her Tim's. The Wii is produced to reward both boys for a good school day under their belts.

Mom can sit for a minute and breathe.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Just because...

Sometimes it's necessary to just be silly. I allow my potatoes to do all the stripping though. No need to blind people or brush up on my stand-up comedy.

It's just been that kind of day. One step ahead and two back. Meh. No big deal. It's not like I won't be laughing about it in five years.

The fun part of the day was an impromptu road trip with a girlfriend to search out organic produce. She had to remind me that I wasn't chained to the house. I was free to roam. Weird stuff, let me tell you! Off I went with a spring in my step and a giggle stifled. The store was good. I'm pleased to have an alternative rather than need to drive into TO every other week now that Farmer's Market season is nearly over.

The antics of my children were good for laughs today. E declared that he had a day that was comme ci comme ça. Coming out of his mouth it was hysterical. Though I wasn't surprised when my youngest passed out on the couch at 6:15 pm behind a book that I assumed he was reading. He must have slept like that for a few good minutes before I clued in that the pages were not turning. He on the other hand had an epic day. Seriously, I'll be laughing about it in five years and plan to torture him about it for decades to come.

He's got a great notion. A good night's sleep is what this gal really needs or she might just post another silly picture or worse dream about stripp'n tatters.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Land of the Living Dead....

Oh boy! So hubby told me that today was Walmart's anniversary and I filed it away in the back of my mind under "useless information, I'll never need" and headed out to do my errands so that I'd be free to do my thing later this afternoon.

Of course the parking lot is insanity. I grab my kids and make them swear a blood oath that they will hold my hands tightly in the parking lot. Reminding them that we were at Walmart and that just standing too close to the building sucks IQ points. Terrified they comply with my request and hold on for dear life.

Then once in the automated door we search out a cart. There are no carts. Yep, the collective "head up ass" mind set has captured their employees today and no one is paying much attention. So we wait but the 10 items or less release shoot and beg a cart off of someone not really using theirs. It's really the fastest way of getting one.

Then we quickly check off the shopping list and try to scoot out of there. Of course some of the things I wanted to get were pretty much cleaned out. With Lucas in school this week I wanted to double my supply of those lunch containers with the snap lids..nada. Some nut free crackers would have been nice...nope. After a few minutes of being in the store it dawned on me that nothing was really on sale, retrieving the "It's Walmart's anniversary" tidbit from the recesses of my mind that's why it's so damn busy but what exactly is on sale? Nothing. Nothing that isn't normally marked as such.

We get out of dodge as fast as we can and run to Tim Horton's to inject mom's brain with some java to snap it out of Walmart coma. Wiping drool off my chin and waking up enough to maneuver the car out of the parking spot without hitting someone still dazed from the brain numbing florescent lights.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Itching for a fix...

OMG I'm dying for a Diet Coke! Farq! Why oh why did I ever give you up? Oh yeah *wince* I wanted to be healthy.

What the hell do they put in Diet Coke anyway? How is it that I find it more addictive and harder to give up then cigarettes? Really after a few months I didn't crave a cigarette the way I'm jittery for a pop. I even stood in front of a display of pop at the grocery store the other day seriously debating purchasing the taboo drink.

I'm dying for something fizzy. It doesn't even have to be sweet. I'd have a beer but I don't want the beer, I want the fizz and of course I still haven't picked up a new case of Perrier yet. I know what you're thinking...why the hell not? Answer: I prefer it in the glass bottles, as opposed to plastic and the grocery store I was last in only had the plastic. Sorry, tree hugger alert. I try not to buy products in plastic if they are available in glass. Does that make me odd? Yep, probably does.

So today was such a pretty day I decided to celebrate it by making a pie. Well really I was supposed to make it yesterday but the tomatoes sucked up my whole day. Once the pie was made I served up lunch to my youngest and decided to take us outside for a little fun. This is my rustic apple-cinnamon pie. Had to debate with the little one that fingers do not belong in the pie especially when it's really hot. He had some near convincing arguments. *snort* It survived untouched.

I've made the homemade pizza sauce (one jar of yesterday's tomatoes) and now I'll get the dough started so that tomorrow I can assemble my version of a pizza pop/pocket. Something different for the kid's lunches. I know the eldest will eat it, as long as, all it has is cheese and pepperoni but these will be only cheese. The rub is that I've already hidden the broccoli, carrots, garlic, green peppers and onions in the sauce. Simmered the sauce while I made dinner and then pureed it while the kids were getting ready for bed. Seasoned it and then stuck it in the fridge. Yep giving my kids one more thing to complain about to Dr. Phil. I've got to get my torturing in now before they are old enough to walk over to McD's with their allowance.

I'm tired and thinking of spending the rest of the night with my knitting and my cup of tea. Yep, another project. An afghan in tan, burgundy and small dabs of green. The yarn is called pheasant. I fell in love with the colours and thought that they'd be perfect either for the living room or the master bedroom.

Yep another project and at least three new ones on the horizon starting in November then a rush to get them done before Christmas, forsaking my quilting and basically everything else. I need a few interventions.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Vegetable Hoarding

The morning started off with us packing ourselves into the car and doing a mad dash to the dojo. Of course the reason was that we had to make a frantic stop at the superstore to pick up video cassettes.

Yesterday the boys were being tested for new belts. I brought my knitting figuring that it would drag out. We were under the impression that the Juniors would be demonstrating their katas individually and that would take a good deal of time to finish.

Camera set up. Tim Horton's in hand. The show started. Talk about crazy cute. Watching E. and L. put through their paces. Two little shrimps bopping around and making angry fighting noises. L. got bored half way through and started acting up. For nearly half of the exam he curled up on the floor and pretended he was sleeping, ignoring the instructions and the adults trying to get him to fly right. I have to admit I was upset with him. He was doing it for attention and he was receiving it which had him perpetuating it much longer than if they had actually just left him on the floor without acknowledging him.

He did rally in the last 5 mins of the exam and was asked to demonstrate his punches, kicks and blocks. He did after all complete the exam and earn his new belt. Proud as punch to have received it. He is cute to be sure but the special preference makes me uneasy. I'm not entirely sure, if one of the other kids in his group had behaved in that manner that they would have received their belts. At the end of the day what does that really teach him? Hmmm a divided mommy moment. E. on the other hand is beyond super cute and good at Karate. His scores were high and he gives so much energy into doing his thing and makes it look effortless. He is fabulous.

Now with the mommy moments blogged I need to tell the courageous tale of the farmer's market. I found out that my favourite organic food delivery company seems to have gone out-of-business over the summer. This really is not too surprising. It's a harsh climate out there even if the media paints a different picture. So with the money that I had set aside for my delivery we took off to the farmer's market to try to replicate the order.

There is an organic stall at the North Oshawa Market and I took full advantage of that. You can see that I made good time with my produce budget for the week. Once home with the bounty I wandered out to the garden to see if there was anything ready to add to what I had purchased. Oh for sure! I pulled up at least 8lbs of carrots. Some tiny but some were much larger than I had given them credit. I'm so happy that I decided to wait and see what came of them. I was also able to add to the beans by two cups.

So I spent nearly four hours cleaning, peeling, and chopping and blanching then packaging up and bagging. At the half way point I asked hubby to help me out. It was really nice to share my usually barred off kitchen with him. He was a lot of help. I'm not sure I would have gotten it all done if it hadn't been for his helping me.

I got the beans, broccoli and corn-on-the cob done then got help to put up the rest of the carrots. The carrots are so good. I munched on a few as we worked and of course L. came in and got his hollow leg fill. I'm amazed at that boy. Peel it and he will appear!

Now today I'll be making hubby and L. (E. doesn't seem to be a fan) an apple pie and then I'll dig into the bushel of tomatoes and get as many jars up as I can. I figured that doing at least half of them as whole or diced would have me whizzing through them much quicker than if I attempted to make them all into sauce.

Well I need to wrap this blog up and get to work...first Tylenol. My hands are still aching from yesterday's veggie frenzy.

Friday, September 10, 2010


Gnarly week, for sure! So as I mentioned before I started my son back in school. After nearly a year of homeschooling he donned his backpack and headed off. He seems delighted with it. Mom on the other hand is trying to hold back on her worries.

I mentioned just this morning in an email to some girlfriends that if I can make it to Christmas Break before hearing that there is a problem I might be able to let my shoulders down from about my ears.

It's also been a fun week listening to the younger one complain that he wants to go to school and how it's so unfair that he doesn't get to go. Now that's not true. Not at all, and I'd ship him off right this second to stop the whining except his grade does this silly gradual entry thing. Now I know perfectly well that there are children that really need this but mine are the jump in with both feet kind. It just feels like I'm having my teeth drilled without the happy gas.

The adjustment from going to bed near midnight then sleeping until 8 am to going to bed at 10:30-11 and waking up at 6 am has been brutal. I've walked around all week like zombie mom. If I wander off and die, they'll have to identify my body by the coffee cup I've got clenched in my cold lifeless hand! Then I've been busy at work too. Then there is needing the extra brain cells to come up with interesting lunch ideas, making sure the clothes are picked out and the backpack is set to go for the next day. Dentist appointments, karate and karate competitions to get ready for. The emptying of my wallet for this and that. Homeschooling.....way cheaper *snort* Oh and in the back of my head I'm mewing over the fact that I can't seem to find the perfect container for milk.

I'm hoping that I can get all my phone calls made early. Get something edited and sent on it's way then I'm taking my crazy kidlet to the market for corn (even though I've got an organic produce delivery coming tonight) and then to the library. Maybe I'll treat us to some lunch out today.

zzzzzzz *snerrtt* what, what? Did I nod off?

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First Day of School....again

Up early very early. 6 am. I haven't seen a sun rise in well, probably a year. Of course the kids were already awake. You could just see the nervousness on E's face.

Then I flashed back to some of my first days of school. The sick stomach jitters. The pride of wearing a great new outfit picked out special for the day. That strung out feeling from a sleepless or restless night. The anticipation of meeting up with my old school chums.

What I loved most was the feeling that everything was new and had endless potential. That I could recreate who I was and what I could do and be.

I'm envious of him in that way. I wish I could do it all over again. Of course armed with all the knowledge I have now. Then I could just relax and know that regardless of the bumpy parts, that everything really does shake out. I could enjoy my friends. Study freely without worry and live in the moment. Shame that we can't be given these gifts up front.

We struck out with enough time to take pictures and to amble our way to his new school. Then we stood among the other confused parents and kids until the teachers came out with their class lists. E's teacher is younger than me, thin and blonde. He'll love her. Really, he'll be so smitten that he'll be on his best behaviour. *grin* He's so predictable that way.

After an introduction and a few questions about pick-up arrangements, he lined up with the other confused, nervous boys and started chattering away. I gave him a fast peck and told him we'd be back at the home time bell to get him. He seemed so confident. So at home in his own skin. I felt a tug at my heart. Mom, isn't as necessary as she used to be. It's the natural order of things. I'm immensely proud of him and who he is becoming. I held on to L's hand and we backed off and headed home.

I don't know whether or not this experiment will work. I don't know if this is a good place for him or not but I know more this year and I know that so long as we take care, things will work out, one way or another. I have enough faith for all of us.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Things Have Changed

I was working on a project last night which lead me to discover that this blog was available by google search. After I had checked my settings to ensure that they had not inadvertently been changed. Nope, they were still the same but there I was and typing in the title of the and bing searched and open for all the world to see.

Now this blog is not so immensely personal or anything but I do list some details that really shouldn't be out there on the web. I do mention my husband and kid's names and what they are up to. I even mentioned what school they could possibly be attending. Not cool. I will not be doing that in the future (good thing none of my well laid plans came to fruition).

So now to read all my inane ramblings you must be invited. So now we are a merry party of the crazy or bored *giggle* I will be blogging with a conscience in the future but still just as nuts.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Asshats Abound!

Warning: Vent Imminent

So a few of you know that I decided to put the boys back in school. It's really for them, more so than me even though I will gain some quiet time having them in school. What I don't like is the bureaucratic bullshit that comes with it.

Get this... My boys will be in separate schools with less than 10 minutes between bells. Now that doesn't sound so bad until you actually see the traffic for the kiss n' rides. It's insane and nearly impossible. That means that one of the boys will have to be dropped off impossibly early each day and picked up late each day. Unacceptable, unless I can work something out with the older boy's teacher and the attendance office that they recognize the hellish situation they've created, and allow him to be late every other day without penalty.

It's a logistical nightmare. Though, as I was typing this I came to wonder...since I'll be forced to use the car to get the kids to their schools whether late or not. I might as well make it a real commute. I've left a message for an out of district Catholic school which also provides F.I. to see if I can apply for out-of-area status there. Yeah, completely ridiculous right? Yeah, I can certainly thank some meat-on-a-stick bureaucrat for closing off my option to have both my kids attend the same school in my own neighbourhood. Siblings should always be encouraged to stay together.

So that's the reason why I'm venting off right now. Can't help it faced with the ridiculous. Apparently, two wrongs don't make a right but three rights make a left. *gahhhhh*

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Icecream Cone of Perpetual Sorrow

Everyone has been talking about this Cold Stone Creamery. Last night Sheree and I were having coffee at Tim's after our run and we couldn't get over how many people in the store were there for the ice cream. Displacing the old cogers that usually take up the bulk of the tables at that hour.

Sheree said that she tried it but the calorie count was insane. We got on to talking about what we love and why we love it. I discovered that I'm an emotional eater a few months ago (most of us are apparently). When not on an emotional binge, thankfully they are few and far in between, I am a chip & diet coke a-holic. These are clearly things I cannot have in the house.

Then I thought about it more. I'm also addicted to cheese. I'm not even going to examine my coffee fetish. I told her the other day that I was jonsing for something fizzy so badly that I had actually considered having a beer after finding the Perrier case empty. Of course I didn't have the beer (it was 1 pm) as it doesn't score Good Mommy points and would actually be a tick in the "perhaps I need a 12 step program" column.

Really at this point I would have to say that my diet coke addiction has been harder to kick then my old cigarette addiction.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Being Held Captive

Well this is the day. The day when I'm finally held captive because I haven't any clean clothes. Not one stitch which means I spent all day yesterday in workout clothes biding time when I should have been doing my laundry. It's 10:48 am and I'm still in pjs because there is nothing else until I can get my clothes out of the dryer. Stinky part is that husband left some towels in the washer last night so I have to wait until they are dry until I can get my stuff in there.

I don't have time to line dry and forget towels on the line. That just doesn't bode well. I'm almost 85% tree hugger but there is a limit to my self sacrificing. Crunchy rough towels would be up there with one ply toilet paper. No chance. I'll reuse a brown paper bag until it gives at the seams but rubbing off half my skin while trying to dry off it not acceptable.

With my procrastination comes a good serving of guilt. I am a bit of a tree hugger so I feel horrible that I didn't do my laundry on the weekend when I had the green light to use the amount of electricity to get the job done and the time to get it on the line to dry. So today with the temps climbing into the the low 4o's here I am. A/C running though at 78C. The drapes all pulled to try to keep the temp low and the washer and dryer going overtime. Blarg....why now?

Simple, I've got somewhere I have to go this afternoon. Why this afternoon? Because I procrastinated doing this chore all month. Yep, it's time to have my rings cleaned and inspected. It is something that has to be done every six months. I had 31 days. I chose to put it off until day 31. Some what typical for me.

Here's what I did yesterday while being trapped in sweat pants and procrastinating laundry. I got to the other half of the tomatoes. Spent about 1.5 hrs peeling and seeding to get this.

I believe this stock pot holds about 12 or 14 quarts. It took about 30 minutes to cook them down to the point where I could puree them. While I was waiting for that I chopped the vegetables that I was going to add in.

This is what is in the skillet: 2 large onions, 1 large bell pepper, 1lb of carrots, a bulb of garlic and 1.5 cups of celery. Then to that I added basil, salt and oregano.
Once they were sweated down enough into the pureed tomatoes they went. To that I added balsamic vinegar, a little bit of sugar to take the bite off the acid, some course salt and more basil and a good mitt of bay leaves. Gotta love a product where you know exactly what's in it and a 4 year old could read the ingredient list.

I got 10 pints out of this batch. While I waited for the jars to process (15 mins at 11 psi) I cleaned up the mess and did the dishes. Once out of the canner and safely stored on the cupboard I sat down with a cup of tea and put my tired feet up. One-by-one I heard the sweet sound of "pop" "pop" "suck.....pop" The sounds of each jar sealing. I was able to count them as they popped. Irritating part was that I only counted 9 pops. Yep, one jar failed. Once it was cool enough to touch I swapped out the lid and had to process it all over again but in the end I had 10 lovely sealed soldiers.

I made homemade pizza for dinner then once the dishes were out of the way hubby took the boys off to the park and I made a batch of cookies as a treat to the boys who were so good for me while I got all my kitchen work done. They do drive me crazy from time-to-time but they can really rally when I need it the most.

Sigh....towels are still damp. In the time it took me to write this blog I came up with an idea to ease my conscience. I'll just take the outfit I intend to wear and dry that in the dryer. The rest will go on the line. less chink in my chain.