Saturday, September 12, 2009

Blog, baby blog!

Wow the day is almost over and I haven't had a chance to sit down to blog. Huh? How does that happen on a Saturday of all days? Apparently, today, quite easily. Got up late. 7 am. Had to make my own pot of coffee! Hissssssssssss

Then scarfed down a kashi bar because anything else just wasn't going to sit well. Got dressed for run club and headed out the door. Run was fabulous! Got caught up with Lindsay while we ran our 5.5K along side of some of the people running the Brooklin Run. We passed an older lady and we cheered her on to hear her say that she doesn't walk but she does this walk/run once a year! Shame she was so good at it. She should really do it daily, even twice a day!

After the run, I had just enough time to scramble home, shower and get out the door with family for brunch. We haven't done that in about a year. It was such a fun treat and I couldn't believe how much food E was putting away. When I had finished my feast (and it was a feast) I brought L to the bathroom to wash all the sticky syrup off his hands and puss. When we got back to the table I found out that hubby had made E a deal. If he ate all the scrambled eggs on his plate (after three big pancakes and a few strips of bacon!) that we'd take him golfing.

That boy stuffed his face so fast it was like he had never seen eggs before. So there it was, off to mini-putt. We had a blast. It lasted for about an hour or so and when the balls went down the hole at the 18th green both boys watched them go and speculated about where they'd wind up. We watched a gentlemen go a couple rounds in the batting cage. No doubt we were upsetting him. The boys are hardly quiet and it must have been a lot of pressure but he was good. He hit every ball and sent them into the home run zone. Good fun.

We returned home just in time for a few purple Popsicles and naptime. They kids are still snoozing (I should really go get them up) and the wild rice pilaf is cooking on the stove. In a few minutes I'll have to get on with the rest of the evening. Shattering the illusion of quiet.

The food plan for the day:

Breakfast: Kashi bar & coffee (vitamins)
Brunch: 2 eggs, ham, sausage & bacon, home fries and 1/2 of a pancake w/syrup. Vat o'coffee.
Dinner: Grilled honey glazed porkloin chops, wild rice pilaf and green beans.

I have a craving for Challah so I'll be elbow deep in dough tomorrow morning while drinking my first coffee. A fall right of passage. We may do our U-pick apple hunting tomorrow. Honey Crisps. My second favourite apple in the whole world. First favourite being the allusive Northern Spy.

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  1. You are the queen Challah from scratch...hope your apple picking goes well