Tuesday, September 29, 2009

When time slips past....

Its dark and gloomy out there today. Last night if sounded like we were deep into November with the wind rushing over the top of the house. I need to get myself in the game. The month is slipping away from me and Thanksgiving is in two weeks time. I have almost all of our Thanksgiving dinner already in the house but that's only because I have that food hoarding disease. I still need to put up the tree. Yes, I have a Thanksgiving Tree, and its lovely too.

The work on the costumes has not progressed beyond the body suits being completed. I still need to finish them up. I have no idea what their Halloween social calender will look like and it would be a good idea to get them done a head of time. I still need to pick up the Halloween goodies though I don't like having them in the house for too long a period of time. They tend to go missing before the actual date or I buy too much and I need to dump it off on poor unsuspecting office workers at Sick Kid's. Trust me, there are likely a few women there with me on their short list. When I worked I use to hate wives like me.

Today is going to be spent in Neutral. Both boys are sick today. Both running low-grade fevers and miserable. It will be enough just to keep them entertained. I'm sure I can find enough busy work and activities to get us through the morning and with any luck nap time will be fruitful with sleep for both boys.

The plan:

Breakfast: Toast w/Almond Butter & Banana, coffee, vitamins

Snack: Kashi bar and tea

Lunch: Lean Chef Salad w/balsamic vinegar & whole wheat bagel

Dinner: Roasted Lemon Thyme Chicken with heirloom gem potatoes and sauteed green beans with almond & garlic

No planned exercise today. Just household puttering.

I'm off now to play some wii fit with the kids. Have I mentioned how much I hate my Mii (she looks just like the running pictures :S)

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  1. I hated my Mii too. The Wii told me I was OBESE.....At least someone was honest with me!!!!