Monday, September 14, 2009


it was a good workout. Though it wasn't an awesome workout because I forgot my ipod on the kitchen counter. I'm not a big fan of the tunes the gym blasts out and because I only warmed up on the treadmill I didn't have the tv to drown it out. I did a leg workout today and from the way I felt when I was making my way down the stairs to the daycare to collect L, I'll be hurting either tomorrow or Wednesday. I vote Wednesday since I will not need to run. Yep, we all know it will not work that way!

After my leg workout I ran 2 more miles (having completed one in the warm up) for a grand total of 4.8 km. I don't feel bad about running in addition to the weights because it was only an elliptical run...not real, not even close *wink* so it was just an imaginary run! How's that for justification of appeasing the monkey that sits on my back?

I didn't seem to have as much time this morning as I needed to get both boys ready, fed and out the door and didn't get to eat my proper breakfast. I had planned oatmeal but it just didn't happen.

The plan:
Breakfast (was oatmeal) got a nectarine, coffee and kashi bar
Snack: a large decaf w/cream on my way back from the gym
Lunch: Two fishcakes with 1/2 cup of leftover mashed potatoes and 1 sliced tomato
Dinner: Roasted chicken, 1/2 cup wild rice pilaf and as much steamed broccoli as I want.

Tonight, I need to do some laundry and tidy up the living room. You wouldn't believe the shape its in for us not being here all morning. I think I have dirty fairies. They break in and dirty up the joint just to make me look lazy! I need to find the chemicals so that I can clean the fish tank and move it into L's room. I purchased a toaster oven last night and need the counter space. Of course I could always put my blender away *shiver* nahhhh

I'm dragging my butt now. Must be all the exercise and fresh air. A good soak in Epsom salts and grapefruit extract oil would be a nice treat too. Part of the plan is to be in bed and lights out at 10pm to help make up for the horrible nights sleep.

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