Tuesday, September 1, 2009

So Happy

that this day is almost over. I'm just winding down so that I can go upstairs and actually sleep. So earlier I mentioned that my husband went to the doctors. Well he went to the emergency room of Toronto General complaining of crushing chest pain and difficulty breathing! Yeah, I know!

Turns out it was a bad reaction to a drug that was prescribed to help rule out a sinus infection as the root of his chronic headaches. When both the triage nurse and hubby told me the blood test they were waiting for was to figure out if hubby had had a heart attack I almost dropped. My biggest fears flashing before my eyes.

I had some of my girlfriends help me track him down (because at this point I had no real idea where he was) and I threw the kids into the car and headed to Toronto. Now, though I lived there or 5 years I never drove around in Toronto where I wasn't on a major route, ie, DVP or Lakeshore so navigating University Avenue to get to the hospital was stressful. Add in the chatter of my two excited children, I thought for sure I'd jump right out of my skin.

I found the hospital (right next door to where my husband works and have never been, incidentally) and found parking. Got the kids into the jogging stroller...yep that's right I fastened them in cause there was no way I was scrambling around with two little ones in such a busy area. Got into the emerg, got to my husband's side to find out that they wouldn't let me stay with the kids. Too risky for them. So I took them, got them a snack and sat on a bench in Queen's Park (beautiful building by the way...never been there either) and just took in the sun and breeze and the city noises.

Almost 2 hours later hubby calls and says he's been discharged. We can go home. 2 hours later we get home after battling traffic all the way. I've never been so happy to be home! No way I was leaving hubby home alone with the way he was feeling.

Still in lots of pain, unable to draw full breaths. Feeling dizzy. I'm keeping him home tomorrow too even if I have to hobble him to make that happen! Sorry to have missed Run Club but in truth, I've been running all day! Oh and don't even ask me if I stayed On Plan today...Sometimes life just doesn't work that way.


  1. Wow Katie I'm glad he's okay......What a day!!!!

  2. Not as happy as I should be. That turkey took off while I was sleeping and went to work! I suppose I should be happy that he feels fine enough to go but hell...I'm pissed.

    I'm going for a run tonight. A nice easy one then I'll take the next few days off if the legs are still bugging me. Doing a lot of stretching and feel better in that regard.

    I really missed my run last night. I sure hope I can get beyond the aches and pains and get back to it.