Sunday, September 20, 2009


I was up in the dim light of dawn (6:30) to spend breakfast with my guys. Did some knitting. Put together some puzzles and made a play dough bowling alley for L. Groceries were done by 10:30 and yes, I got my free turkey. So now Thanksgiving and Christmas are covered for Turkeys. Did I mention that I have a food hoarding issue?

I've got a ham in the oven which I'll shave up for lunch meat and I'll leave some large chunks for baked beans and pea soup along with the shank bone and tuck them into the freezer. I was going to make us some cabbage rolls too but I completely forgot to pick up the ground beef and pork. So I'll leave that for later on during the week when I need to run back to the store for some other odds and ends.

A whole lot of nothing much planned for the day. Nice actually. I've got a couple of small projects that I'd like to do today. Nothing of any consequence but just things that need more attention that I can devote if I've got little hands in the way. I've got some stationary to make. The ears for E and L's costume to mold. Yes, my make work projects never end.

I am going to dedicate the next hour or so to menu planning for the week. Got a cup of tea in the works and an apple wedged and smeared with almond butter (my new favourite snack don'tcha know!)

The Plan:

Breakfast: Kashi bar with coffee (forgot to eat breakfast this morning....was in a fine sweat to go get my free turkey LOL)

Lunch: Noodles with shredded beef and Asian veggies. 1/2 an abandoned banana rescued from L's plate

Snack: for-mentioned apple with almond butter and tea

Dinner: 4 oz of grilled steak. Grilled mushrooms & peppers and a green salad. Corona light with lime.

Exercise: 30 mins elliptical, grocery shopping and puttering/cleaning.

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