Monday, September 7, 2009

Labour Day Wrap Up

It didn't feel like much got done today and I'm wondering why I'm so tired. I actually felt hung over (without the pleasure of the drink) for much of the day so that contributes to my fatigue. Maybe I'm too old to be staying up past midnight! Tonight its lights out by 10.

We took the kids mini-putting today. What a gorgeous day for it too. We had a blast and I managed to get a hole-in-one. I loved watching how excited L was. He could hardly concentrate. He was quite literally all over the place. E. was a consummate pro. He took his game quite seriously and was devastated when we had reached the 18th hole and upon making his shot realized that the ball was gone. I almost had to carry him to the car, he was crying and carrying on so much. We skipped the McD's play land follow-up plan because he was too upset. Oh well. Better for me that I didn't need to suffer for an hour or so smelling yummy fries when I needed to come home and make myself a real lunch. A vat of diet coke would hardly make up for it.

We got home and I made my Mediterranean salad. Oh that was a 2 thumbs up meal. I'll definitely be putting that into rotation on a regular basis. I'll have to as I've got a nearly full open jar of capers that will need to be polished off. I still need to work out the calories and will continue to do so for a while to make sure my portions are in line.

Dinner was great! I had more than enough time to bake the sweet potatoes and the corn and the fish went on at the same time. We lingered over dinner with Coronas watching the kids suck up milk with those Oreo Sippers (figured it was a great way to bribe L. into drinking milk worked very well).

I'm now stuck upstairs while hubby and the trainer work the dogs over. Its been a trying two weeks since she was last here. Finnigan is acting out and with each stunt he comes closer and closer to realizing his life's ambition-to be a "rescue(d) dog". I've been sorely tempted to pack his hobo bag and kick him to the curb. Casey is fine with the training because a good decision results in a snack. He's such a fat arse!

This is going to be a long hour! I broke "Finding Nemo" upstairs for the boys to watch before bed but they are just bouncing around my ears and its only a matter of time before one or both get hurt. I've threatened to send them to bed and its just about time to make good on the threat. I still have to pick out E.'s clothes for tomorrow and pack his snack.

I've declared that the day will start at 6:30 tomorrow. Yikes :( 6:30! I haven't seen 6:30 since June 26th. The boys have been so good with sleeping in this summer. It seems painful to interrupt that.

Ok so I've cracked. The WWF has been shut down for the night. I could no longer stand the jumping and kicking and wrestling on the bed so they've been shipped off to sleep. Well at least to be in their rooms until they fall asleep. Now I get to sit here and focus on planning for the week ahead. Ahhhh nice!

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