Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday Morning

I am up with the chickens today. 6:o5 am. Ahead of my alarm clock. I was having an idiotic dream and I'd kill to find out what it meant because surely the location of the dream has a significant meaning. Weird...

I thought if I got out of bed (in the dark too I might add....yep its that time of year!) that I could treat myself to a cup of coffee in some peace and quiet. Clearly, I need to give up on that notion. In his room, I could hear L chattering away to himself. Monkey! So I brought him downstairs and hooked him up with some breakfast and chatting with husband before he left for work. It was nice to see him before he went to the office. Its been a long time since I was up that early.

So now I sit here blogging. We've decided to search for a doctor who could test E. I mentioned this yesterday. Now we are not looking for a label so much as we are looking for a course of action. We know he's smarter than the average bear. That's painfully obvious. We just want an educated guess as to where we should place him for schooling. Either private or home schooling. I've already asked E if he'd like for me to start teaching him more in depth Geography, History and Math and he bounced around in a very happy receptive manner. So I'll take it that he was delighted with that prospect.

I have a support system in place for educational materials. I could get my hands on most of it with a few hours. I have both a girl friend who has home schooled and a vast virtual support group to turn to if I had questions. Why I have resisted doing this before, I am no longer quite sure. Why wasn't I doing this before? Oh yes, I was trying to dumb him down so that he could fit in when he went to school....Did it work? Hell, no!

This morning I'm off to my OB appointment. I'm not sure if this is a waste of time or what? The RX has helped a little but not nearly as much as I wished it would. Its only been three months, I'm not sure if it will get better the longer I take it? So I'll travel with the boys to Markham to see. I'll stop at McDonald's on the way home for the boys. I'll ask them if they'd like to go in and play or take their food home. They may be tired after tagging along behind me all morning.

The Food Plan of the day is:

Breakfast: 2 slices of Ezekiel bread w/nut butter and fruit, coffee, vitamins

Snack: Kashi bar and tea (while headed to my appt)

Lunch: Leftover Chicken Cordon Blue with a side green salad

Dinner: Grilled Prosciutto and Muenster, spinach sandwich (on Ezekiel) w/cucumber salad

Snack: popcorn & diet cf coke.

Ok its nearly time to put the laptop away. I've got things to get too and I can hear E horsing around in his room. Time to herd him downstairs to his chair and serve him up some breakfast. He'd stay in there playing all day if I didn't go and drag him out.

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