Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sunday's Meal Plan

I unfortunately, skipped breakfast. Ultimately, setting me up for a bad day. So to stop that trend in its track I've come up with the plan for the day.

Breakfast: Coffee :P

Lunch: Turkey & cheese, mixed greens with basalmic dressing on an Ezekiel Wrap with a cup of veggie, black bean soup. Banana

Dinner: Chicken Cacciatore on whole wheat fettuccine w/mixed green salad.

Snack: Tortilla chips and salsa and a fruit

I'll be in the kitchen cooking for the better part of the evening making turkey chili and some of the sides for the meals for the week. Hubby plans to take the kids to the park after naps so that will free me up to really get a lot done.

I plan to put L's costume together tonight. I know I said I'd have it done last weekend but I procrastinated. I hate procrastinating.

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  1. Hey Katie, i am stealing your menu idea for tomorrow night...makes it easier, see you Tuesday....thanks