Friday, September 4, 2009


Its Friday! I love Fridays! Funny I should say that given pretty much every day of the week could be a Friday (for all I remember what day it actually is). Its true, nonetheless, that when I realize its Friday I get all giddy. Must be an old Pavlov thing. So with that said I'm taking a moment to come up with a plan for the day.

Breakfast: Kashi cereal and coffee
Snack: fruit and almonds
Lunch: turkey sandwich with carrots and hummus
Chicken Cacciatore over whole wheat fettuccine

I had the best time with some friends last night catching up over coffee. We haven't seen much of each other this summer as Laura always heads out to the cottage every weekend from the start of June until after Thanksgiving weekend in October. Christine travels a lot and with scheduling conflicts we just can't get together much before the spare coffees or park dates. We never talk about much in particular but I really enjoy their points of view. Between the three of us we could talk for hours and still feel like we had a lot more to say. Always a great laugh to be had.

I'm feeling a little uninspired today. I think I need to get up and get puttering. I promised myself that I'd cut the fabric for L's costume today. I've also got a mountain of laundry to get to and I know there two sets of drawers that need emptying and sorting so that the clothes that no longer fits can be handed down to someone who could use it. I also need to get rid of the clothes in my drawers that I know I will never wear again. No sense hanging on to something that is taking up space.

Time to start snipping the ties that bind. Baby steps....

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  1. Hey Katie, see you tomorrow at Run Club, enjoy the day....