Friday, September 11, 2009


If there were a good day to drink, this would have been the day! The boys were awesome for me until we had to wait in that waiting room. I'm surrounded by pregnant women (only one had an older child). We arrived on time for my appointment but from the look of the waiting room, no one was getting in on time. We waiting for more than an hour to see the doctor and during that time I had to take L. out of the room twice to "talk" to him. We had gone through all our books and toys and I asked to be rescheduled once (but was told it would only be a few short mins longer..yeah right).

The whole time we are there I'm getting stares and exasperated sighs from the other women, with that "I'm a better parent before I actually have kids" attitude. I just smirked at one of them and said "well this is what you'll have to look forward too" She changed her 'tude fast. A look of panic flashed across her face. I was happy in that moment.

I was so upset by the kids behaviour that by the time I was strapping them calmly into the carseats I had declared that McD's was off. I wasn't going to reward them with a treat for that bad bit of behaviour and that if they pressed the matter any further they'd be spending a whole lot of time in their rooms "thinking" about what they'd done to make me so mad.

It was a quiet car ride home. As soon as, we were home and lunch had been served they quieted right down. In comparison with their behaviour not more than an hour before, it was just plain creepy. Like they had formed an alliance and were going to burn down the house together with me in my bed tonight.

Their quiet good behaviour didn't last long. After naptime they were back in full force. I made some quick sandwiches and soup for dinner and husband and I rounded up the monkeys and took them to the park. They ran and jumped and played in the dirt. Hung from the equipment and made some friends. It was nice. I was tempted to put up a tent and just let them stay there. But no sooner than our count down was over they launched into another triade. All the way home and into the bath. Then I guess they crashed.

L. was his normal angelic self. He choose his book. Asked for his water. Sat nicely while I read his book. Said his prayers. Cuddled and then allowed me to leave without any pleas for more of this or that. E did his business on the toilet and then dad put him to bed without so much as a peep after prayers. The house is quiet. Now I'm really scared! What have they agreed to do? eeekkkk

I'm debating popping some popcorn and watch Vampire Diaries. I've only got one hour until bedtime. Is it enough time? Hmmmm I mostly just want to hide under my bed because today was a hellish day. I am proud of myself though. I didn't "lose" it at any point. I didn't yell. I managed to maintain. Or had I mentally checked-out? Good question. Perhaps its shell shock.

Night ladies!

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