Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Weekend In Review

Wow, so this was a fun weekend. A very busy one too. Also, a little nuts. Not the normal crazy family drama kind of nuts but rather the surreal headlines on Maury Povich/Dr. Phil kind of crazy. I'm not going to go into detail about it because well, a few of you already know. I just don't want to continue to give it free rent in my head. Its just too darn, well....out there!

Ok now the weekend in review sans insanity. I blogged Friday, our adventure into the city for the Tut exhibit. Then Saturday started out busy as ever. Husband got the crazy dogs into the vets without issue. I got out to the mall for some shopping therapy. I also got to wax my legs. Did a pretty good job of it, too. The funny part is that I am not an esthetician and should not act, as such. My eyebrows are a testament to that. I guess I'll have to have them professionally done once they grow back in *snort*

Husband took E. out for his first spin in skates. It must have been quite the site because hubby complained of a sore back for the rest of the night. The rest of the day was spent in a bit of a negative daze and ended up with take-out Chinese food. Oddly, I didn't even want it but for a lack of healthier options we were stuck with that. I had mentioned to Sheree today how far I've come with my lifestyle changes where Chinese food was actually an unwelcome meal. I used to adore Chinese food. Now, not so much.

I was up at 6:30 this morning. I tell you it was hard getting up that early. I was very happy to be in the snug bed dreaming happy dreams. Stupid alarm clock *pout* but up I got. I had a healthy breakfast of supplements, coffee and spelt blueberry pancakes w/almond butter then come 8:30 I was joining Sheree for a very chilly run.

We plodded along for the first two intervals cursing about how horrible the run felt. Then I guess our fog lifted as our conversation got flowing freely and before we knew it the 10k was over. I had to rush home to shower and dress, collect E. and the present and zoom off to his friend's birthday party.

I have never smiled so much! That was the best party we've ever attended. E. had so much fun once he warmed up to the concept of being a pirate/knight. Once he got over the hump he danced and played games, ate pizza and cupcakes and came home a very happy little dude. I know have the best memories of E. dancing freely!

I got a very quick lunch of flax bagel, turkey bacon and chicken breast with a few salt & vinegar baked kettle chips (which I did not like and didn't finish). I'm still Diet Coke free...its been over a week. I'm so proud of myself.

I napped. Deeply. It was needed. When I got up I got dressed and headed out to roam the aisles of Superstore. I took way more time than was necessary but I was enjoying the peace and quiet. I don't normally get much time away from the kids and I never get to shop without them so I got to read labels and search the shelves of the natural foods section.

A bit of a late dinner and a snuggle from the kids before they were tucked into bed. I sit here now enjoying a cup of tea. Thinking of heading upstairs soon to look over my new cookbook. I thank Misty for the recommendation. I haven't made any of the recipes yet as I'm still reading the preface. I'm almost giddy to select my first menus.


  1. well,i should be the chief recipe tester...jus sayin.

  2. Well if my husband decides that he "doesn't like it" than you might wind up with all of his servings :D Thanks for volunteering!