Monday, January 4, 2010

Ahhh Routine

Ok, so maybe not... It was with the best intentions to get us back to our lessons today. I even pulled out all the worksheets and books. Planned the time we'd get down to work and the excitement was UNDERWHELMING at best. Now I can't blame the kids. I wasn't exactly in school mode. So this is what we did...

We woke up around 8 and I got the troops downstairs and to the table. Made oatmeal for E. and cereal for L. and then popped my flaxseed waffles into the toaster oven. I'd like to say that I'm Martha enough to pull out my waffle iron and make the batter fresh but come on...who the hell does that on a Monday morning. Not me that's for sure. This was the result of my rigorous efforts. Waffles with some almond butter, banana and a drizzle of maple syrup.

After cleaning up from breakfast I started my mountain of laundry and came up with interesting games to entertain the boys. The most entertaining game was when I pulled out the yoga mat and started doing some Sun Salutations that E. sashes up next to me and copied whatever I did while L. used me as a bridge, tunnel, hi-way and decided it was fun to run up and down the parts of the mat I wasn't using at that particular moment. Grrr so much for Zen.

Lessons felt like a real bust today so we just decided to make our time more fun with a read-a-thon. I went and pulled out a few hundred books that would appeal to each boy and we sat and took turns reading. That lasted for a while then the boys drifted off to do some independent study (read that as playing nice and quiet in their weird eh?) leaving me to wonder if I had bored them to tears.

I managed to get a quiet snack in while planning dinner. I found these almonds at the bottom of my gym bag yesterday as I was getting dressed to go home. I had completely forgotten that I put them there so it was a very pleasant surprise. The first one had me hooked. Damn you Misty! I was all in repentance mode until I had that one little almond. It took a hell of a lot of self control not to up-end that little baggy right into my mouth. Instead, I paced them out to last the whole cup of tea. Then picked up the laptop to sped off a FB email to Misty to complain. In return, she sent me the damn recipe. Now I'm really screwed! (just kidding, I love the recipe though I don't plan to make them until February so that I don't fall into the pit of decadent treats).

Lunch was unimaginative as I was busy working on putting dinner into the crock pot to do its thing until dinner time. A simple 1/2 ham and cucumber on flax seed bagel with baby carrots. Meh, they all can't be memorable.

A nap time treat. Jasmine tea, orange and kashi chocolate cherry granola bar. The best treat was a chick flick. I kept it good and quiet by popping it into the laptop and using my headphones....shhhh this is stolen "me" time.

Dinner on Mondays is usually a rushed affair. Husband gets home, as soon as he can and the next 45 minutes is spent trying to dash dinner back and get the kids ready to take them off to the separate activities. Tonight I made french onion soup (my soup consists of the much lower fat version of french onion but I add in kale and mushrooms. I use half a toasted multigrain bagel and low fat swiss cheese for a very yummy result). A side salad rounds it out.

Tonight we will make an exception. Normally, Husband and E. walk over to the Beavers meetings but I felt it was too cold and the walk would prove painful for both of them. So I offered up the car. I appeased the put-out L. by offering to assist him in making a batch of Rice Krispy Squares. A wounded heart soothed by sweet treats and a special movie. A stolen sticky snuggle. Ahhhh, parenthood.

Now the rest of my evening will be spent whipping together tomorrow's lesson plan and a new bribe. Oatmeal Raisin Cookies for getting our work done. We are almost to the point of going up a level/grade. It would be nice to get that accomplished within the next month.

Also going to rope husband into doing my nighttime yoga with me. He's been wanting a change in routine. I'm pushing him to do things with me. Even if it makes him snicker at me the whole time. Last time I did yoga with him he chuckled when I couldn't get my balance in tree pose then once I had finally acheived it...he reached over and prodded me over. What a turkey!

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