Saturday, January 23, 2010

Must Obey Craving....

I had posted earlier in the day and mentioned that I felt hungover. I'm not even sure how much/little sleep I actually had last night. I just remember laying there feeling very tired and listening to the sounds of my breath but unable to focus my mind into settling down.

I woke up tired but was again very happy to see the clear skies and sunshine peaking in through the kitchen window. Got my greens down with a shot of OJ. I think its getting easier to take them. Then grabbed my coffee and sat down and caught up with my family. Then I realized I was yet again in danger of not eating breakfast so I got up and quickly made an egg in the middle of a slice of my homemade multigrain bread. I just wish that I would have had a jar of roasted red peppers in my pantry. That would have totally made that awesome. As it was, it wasn't pretty but it tasted pretty darn good.

Husband attempted to take our idiot dogs to the vets. You ought to hear how ridiculous they are. Its like they are the dogs that they use to chase convicts in jailbreak movies. Because of this appointment I assumed that our grocery trip would be put off until after dinner. Oddly, our vet's office has moved into Pickering and we had to reschedule the appointment because hubby couldn't find the location. You'd think they may have mentioned moving office spaces? This freed us up to do our shopping trip much earlier. Which is great because everything is stocked and fresh.

Since my craving for the Thai Noodles from Jasmine Garden I've been daydreaming about Thai food. I was able to pick up all the ingredients for my Pad Thai. Its not my husband's favourite but he suffered through it like a real champ. I paired it with my new diet coke substitution. Perrier with a lime wedge. Not too shabby.

Man I love this dish. I left out the shrimp and tofu because I didn't want to purchase anything that wouldn't evenly split into the one dish. I'd wind up with leftovers of both shrimp and tofu and we just wouldn't use it up. This one just had chicken, egg, bell peppers, carrots, onions, garlic, rice stick noodles, bean sprouts and my pad thai sauce. I also like to add chunks of pineapple and a bit of shredded coconut, cilantro and chopped cashew (didn't have any peanuts on hand).

To keep from going back for seconds I tucked the rest of it away into the freezer for a night next week. I like that I'm already off the hook for making dinner one night next week.

Other than that today was a very quiet day. We've just gotten the boys to bed and I'm just going to finish up this blog and my cup of tea then head up for an hour of Moon Salutations then reading until 10 pm. I've got a pretty busy day tomorrow. It's the Haggis 10K race tomorrow and I'm hoping to beat 1:15. I should be able to. Most of the time when I run 10K its at a 7-7:30min/km pace. That's pretty pokie stuff. I'm just hoping that I will not be wiped out after. I'd like to make some bread/buns tomorrow evening. Yes I'm craving another one of those burgers.

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