Monday, January 25, 2010

Modern Homemaker

I wonder that I shouldn't have been a 1940's housewife? I'm at my happiest when I'm busy doing the whole domestic thing.

Monday is Project day also known as domestic day. I feel like I spent a good deal of the day in the kitchen. Truth is, I did. I started the day in a normal fashion, breakfast (hm yogurt, blueberries banana, Salba and Kashi) for everyone. After I got the kitchen cleaned from that I started in on preparing a new batch of yogurt. I got it heated and mixed with the starter and into the incubator (resting in a nest of my heating pad, inside the largest insert for my crock pot, then a tea towel over top and the glass lid). Once it was set to do its thing for the next 9 hours I got to work on my hamburger buns.

Got the dough set to rise and then got a chance to sit and have my first cup of green tea. In truth, I'm not even sure if I got a chance to drink that cup of tea. It wasn't long before I had to get E. going on a lesson while occupying L. This is not always the easiest task.

Soon it was lunch time. Back into the kitchen for me. While I was making the boys some sandwiches and fruit I was able to make the most amazing wrap. Poached chicken on a rice wrap with avocado, tomato and a spicy mayo/dijon dressing with dill. I chopped up some watermelon and a banana to go with. This is day three without diet coke. I made another nice Perrier citrus fruit substitution.

I'm actually growing fond of these drinks. Though if you don't drink them fast enough they do go flat in half the time a can drink would. I was only able to sit for a few minutes then I was right back at it. What do you do when you've got 3/4's of a fresh avocado? I didn't want it to spoil and thought that I'd brush it with lemon juice and then wrap it in saran and tuck it into the fridge but then I got the idea to just whip up some guacamole since I'd have to have a snack at 3pm anyway.

All I can say is that it was good! I don't normally go all out for guacamole but this one was spicy. I was a good girl and stopped at the 1/4 c. Could have licked the plate had I not kept E. up with me for company. Yep, no nap. I was too busy in the kitchen making rolls and getting dinner ready. The rolls turned out fabulously. So worth all the effort. I of course celebrated with this.... yep mushroom/brown rice burger with triple pickle! A big salad to even out the rest of my day. I think the rest of the day will be spent quietly. Once E. and hubby get home from Beavers we'll start winding it down and hopefully get them into bed before 8 pm.

I'd like to do some yoga tonight. It feels like my legs are swollen and a bit achy. I think a good stretch then a good soak in the tub with some Epsom salts and my new running magazine is a good reward for a long day on the homestead.

I do make pretty bake goods. Tomorrow we've got a play date in the morning then a busy night of Karate and Run Club. There is no rest for the wicked.

Happy Monday Night Everyone!

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