Sunday, January 10, 2010

The End of a Weekend

Up at 6 am. Bleary-eyed and stumbling around in the dark. Looking for the running gear I had set out the night before. Greeted by a little boy happy to be able to keep his mommy company when every one else is asleep. Thick as thieves we chatter away over our breakfast bowls in hushed tones trying hard not to wake Daddy and E. Watching the morning's dim light infuse through the dining room.

Why were we up so early? Well L. is always up that early but I was up because I was meeting the run club for an 8:30 long run. A nice way to start the last day of the weekend but first a hot cup of coffee and a nice steaming bowl of crock pot oatmeal. This batch was much better than the cooked apple version which just didn't seem to do it for me. I cut my fresh apple up and added it on top with some hemp seed and agave syrup. It turned out to be very good fuel. Not all that heavy and this time I managed to eat the whole 1 cup serving. Perhaps I'm getting used to this whole eating breakfast thing.

The rest of my family joined me in the living room over coffee #2 at about 7:20 am. Husband got to sleep in for at least an hour and 20 mins. I suppose to someone who is up every day at 5 am, 7 am must feel like noon.

After checking the weather I run upstairs and get a warmer layer on. Funny enough I forgot that -11C with the wind making it -17C means that its really not that cold. I totally over dressed for this mornings run but I was not all that uncomfortable.

It was nice to run and chat. Sheree and I just kept remarking on just how gorgeous the morning was. Albeit, cold, even if it was only -17C. I'm looking forward to running with a purpose again. I know that I say I can't wait to just run for fun. Well when I know there's a goal hanging out there on the horizon there is no running for fun. Without being on a training schedule I just feel like I'm twisting in the wind. No more twisting come Tuesday...Yay!

Another bagel sandwich. Once I was showered and dried off and dressed I was too hungry to have any imagination. It took everything I had not to pick at the grilled cheese and chicken sandwiches that I made for the guys.

I had high aspirations of doing some housework along side Hubby today. He had ripped up the living room and took the toy box apart. Cleaned, sorted the toys to keep and discarded the old broken brick brack. I was impressed to say the least. But I made the fatal mistake of sitting down with my cup of tea and that was it.
Sure I managed to finish up my research on the Ontario Grade One requirements and made notes on the things that I should cover with E before we call it a year and move him up to Grade Two. But no cleaning got done.

I did manage to make another batch of wax (and an incredible mess of the microwave at the same time. Thank God that stuff cleans up easily). Dinner was a bit of a calorie blowout. See...treat yourself to a yummy calorie loaded dinner one night and its a bit of a slippery slope. Blarg.

Oven broiled chicken wings with my own BBQ sauce. Roasted potatoes. Yeah, not the healthiest choice in the world. But yummy any way. Actually, I just noticed that I didn't eat any snacks today and I didn't eat that badly during the day so perhaps the damage wasn't really that bad. Its not like I fell head-over-heels into a big bag of chips.

I did get the kitchen tidied up while I nursed one hell of a headache. Why is it that the kids are even louder when I've explained that I have a headache and their shrills hurt my head? A mitt full of extra-strength Tylenol later and an early bedtime gave me the opportunity to give myself a pedicure. I'm now sporting polished tooties and the headache is gone. If I wasn't concerned about messing up the toe nail polish I'd do some yoga to prepare myself for bedtime but as it is, I'm not inclined to repaint my nails and have to wait for them to dry before I could go to bed.

Calling it a night so that I can start another busy week.

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