Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Value of Being a Good Winner

This was a nice day. I did over sleep and was woken up at a start when E. knocked on my bedroom door. Poor thing. Probably wondering where the heck I was. Usually I'm the one calling him down stairs to eat breakfast.

I got the troops settled in and got myself a cup of coffee before the coffee maker shut itself off. The all important coffee, a total must. However, now that I'm forcing myself to eat breakfast I find I only drink the one large cup and that's about it.

Breakfast was a small affair because by the time that I got the kids settled into their breakfast and into other activities where I could get a few minutes of peace it was nearly 10 am! Lunch was merely an hour and a half off.

After I polished this off I got down to work on some lessons. Quick sentence structure kind of activities and once they were accomplished I decided to play some games with the kids. Something less structured. The big hit of the day with Barn Yard Uno. The lesson value, how to be a gracious winner and how to be a positive loser. A good lesson for E, that's for sure. When he wins he gloats. Its really not pretty. When he loses, he loses!! We played so many rounds of this game today that finally it started to sink in. Hey the best part is just playing the game. I was so proud of him.

Then I sat with L. and one of the books Santa brought for him for Christmas. I had not even cracked the spine on the book and when my attention was distracted he started reading the book without me. Needless to say, I was gob smacked. Now I figured he was pretty much on the same course as E. but with his own interests. That sort of just proved I was right on the money. Lord, help me. I've got two of them.

Lunch I must say was well portioned but crap. I was so busy puttering around getting dinner started and playing the games/reading and cleaning that I barely put any thought into lunch. So a lean cuisine paired with a half cup of sliced cucumber. Ok and a diet coke. Actually, tasted ok. I was too busy to really give it much thought.

I did get hungry at about 3 pm so I just poured a bowl of Kashi with some low fat milk and had that along with the dregs of a cup of cold green tea that I had forgotten to drink. Ah...but I had a lovely parcel of time to myself.

Dinner however, was much more thought out. I put the chicken in the crock pot just after lunch and started the mixed wild rice so that it would merely require a quick zap in the microwave. I precut all the veg and popped it into the fridge to be yanked out once husband got home and sweated in the pan. It turned out very well, even after all the delays

After dinner, I helped get the crazy boys to bed. Wow were they ever spinny! Totally drove us batty tonight. I dashed off for a coffee date with some lovely ladies that I just don't see enough of. It used to be that only a few days would go by with out the three of us getting our kids together or finding something to do on our own.

But sadly, time marched on and they went back to work and its gotten harder with each passing year to find time that works for even a simple coffee date.

Tonight a rare occasion that all three of us were available. Man was it good. I forgot how much fun it was to sit and just talk and hear their stories. Their points of view. We are all so unique from each other but have so very many things in common. It doesn't seem to matter how far life takes us in our different directions. When we get back together again its like we were never apart for longer than just a mini holiday.

Only thing....I'm pretty sure my large non-fat decaf latte, wasn't decaf. Grrrrr I'll be up all night. And now I'm craving something sweet or chocolaty since there wasn't anything even remotely "friendly" at the coffee bar. Crap...! Oh well maybe I'll just shut the light off and retire and watch the moon travel across my bedroom window like I did last night until 1:30 am.

It was actually very pretty.

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