Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hello Wednesday

This week is sailing by under full steam isn't it? I've spent the last two days being quite the social butterfly. Yesterday I packed the boys up and took them to a playdate/lunch with a girlfriend and her son. Was a sweet treat since I never ever get to sit down with this friend. We used to bump into each other on perhaps a monthly basis back before our kids were school-aged but now it could go as long as six or seven months before we'd sit down and chat. Our boys appear to really like each other's society so we are trying harder to get together. So worth it.

Yesterday night I was out at the Run Club and worked hard. It was quite a workout but I finished standing tall and had enough left in me to hang around after chatting with Sheree and Misty. These two ladies are just too much fun to chat with. Time really has a way of getting away from me when I hang out with them.

Today we were found at the bowling alley lunching with Cheryl and her kids. This was just too much fun. Our kids were mayhem! Too often they'd all collect at the opening of the lane and there would be three balls all meandering down the alley toward the pins at the speed of snail. The owners of that alley sure are patient with us. *grin*

Tonight I'm back at it with my knitting needles and coffee cup. I love Stitch n' Bitches. They really keep me coming back to my knitting projects which I always start all hot and heavy but then they get pushed aside so that I can focus on something for a bit. Then one of these nights pop up and I get refocused. Some day hubby will get his scarf.

I was good today despite the temptations of pizza and french fries. I ate a mushroom/brown rice burger before I left the house. I also can announce with pride that I've been Diet Coke free since Friday. That is a big thing given that I stood in front of the pop machine today trying to find a substitute that was not 100% refined sugar and opting for a cup of coffee instead. Then pitched out the coffee for a green tea.

My next intervention may need to be for those mushroom burgers. They are just too damn good. I promised that I'd send Misty a copy of the recipe. I still will its just taking me a bit to write it out. I promise to get it to you before the weekend.

I must be off now. I need to get the kitchen tidied up so that I can head out into the cold night. Brrr. Winter is officially back. 'Nite all!

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