Saturday, January 9, 2010


I'm jolted awake at 8:03 am, then roll over and try for that last few moments of snugly sleep. Uh huh, not going to be allowed to steal any more shut eye.

Then I remember that today is pancake day. Normally, I'm not all in for pancakes but I found a neat recipe for Spelt Pancakes and I just can't resist.

Herd the kids downstairs with promises of crazy breakfast foods and start the process that will be nourishing. The very first thing that's reached for? Why yes, you win...the big cup of coffee!

Flour in, cinnamon in, and some other odds and ends. Pause, get the boys another round of juice, cereal, toast or whatever. Then I put the batter into the pan. Tttttssshhhhh.... A very nice sound. A flip and then pouring the next round of batter into the pan. A few minutes later voila.

Topped with 1/2 a banana and two tablespoons of maple syrup it made a very filling breakfast. So filling in fact, that I took two of the larger sized pancakes and put them on E.'s plate. With a bunch of lip smacking they were gobbled up (by E. I try not to smack my lips LOL) I was impressed. No chocolate chips, no major sugar inducements and he even said Thank You. The empty plate was all the thanks I needed.

I got the recipe from Oh She Glows Blog (Angela) but I adapted it to my own needs. I'm not at the point where I want to mess with Maca Powder and I'm still doing dairy so there was no need to swap regular milk out for rice/soy milk. This recipe makes 5 mini pancakes (a one serving recipe). I doubled it so that I could have leftovers for tomorrow's breakfast. A quick zap in the microwave and instant pancakes but hubby came home from work and mooched them. I didn't mind. I wanted to see how he liked them. Another clean
plate *smiley smiles*

Lunch was a chicken breast on flax bagel with half fat olive oil mayo. A few baby carrots and a serving of grapes and a small orange. Oddly, I got only one of the carrots, 2/3rds of the orange and only a few of the grapes. Yep, L. struck again. Not that I mind. I just wish that E. would mooch the healthy stuff too.

When husband came home from work he suggested that we have dinner out with the boys. It was then decided that we would shelf the chicken wings until Sunday Night and go out for Greek. There is a Greek restaurant in the plaza where the Pickering Running Room is located. It looks like your typical cheesy Greek place but its actually nice. Sure the restaurant itself is typical but the people working there make it wonderful. They are warm and friendly. They love kids too, which is a nice change of pace. The food is pretty good too.

Had an excellent nap and took up the whole bed....zzzzzzz

Me Gossip? Never! LOL

After naps we dashed out the door because I was starving. Ok so that was not the best strategy. We did get the Saganaki. The kid's reactions were priceless, each boy had their hands clamped down over their ears. L. was actually trembling a little. OPA!

It didn't stop them from hogging it. Katie doesn't share Saganaki!!! It was hard for me to give it up. I should have ordered another one just for me *grin* Then came the entrees.
OMG this was as good as it looks. I wasn't able to finish all of it. Not by a long shot but I sure did try *wink*

That dinner however pretty much put me out of commission. I just can't eat like that anymore. I've done so well, with eating clean foods that when I do eat something that is deep fried or really calorie laden it just sits there. Like a Great Big Fat Greek Lump. Gahhh.

In the next few moments I'm planning to get up and make another cup of tea. Then throw the makings for Steel Oats into the crockpot so that I can go to bed early. I've got a 6 am wake up call so that I can meet up with the Run Club for a frosty 8k. Thank God the plan is to go slow!

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  1. love the blogs...and pictures...even TOM is drooling over the meal pics!

    Way to go!