Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Strangest Day

I'm going to chalk today up to a very bad night sleep. A bad dream and PMS. I was out very late last night and didn't get to bed until just before midnight. Who knew that knitting and drinking tea could be such a late night activity? Then when I finally shrugged off the chill I got from driving home in a cold car it must have been closer to 1 am before I fell asleep.

7:30 came very fast and once I was up I tried to rest my troubled mind on the happiness exuding from my kids. I love that every morning they are so bubbly and happy. I love their energy. They went to work fast on my mood. They wanted to hug and tickle me. I spent the whole morning snuggling and hanging out with them. It was a good way to try to forget my troubles. We graphed and sorted just about every toy in the house. A good math exercise.

I only had a kashi bar for breakfast (after all my vile supplements). So come 10 am I was looking for ideas for a good solid lunch. Looking into the fridge I found cold brown rice, kale, onions carrots and some poached chicken. Hmmm what can you do with that?

Ah some hot chicken fried rice. Just what the doctor ordered. I've been diet coke free for a whole week. I must say it hasn't been nearly as painful as I thought it would be. I will admit at the bowling alley yesterday I had a slight argument with myself in front of the vending machine filled with sweaty beautiful silver bottles. I stayed true to the course but sometimes I like the drama of the "discussion" of the pros and cons. *giggle*

I spent the rest of the day trying to think positive thoughts and puttering about the house. Popped a chicken into the crockpot and headed up for nap time. I needed that nap in a big way. I wasn't asleep but 30 minutes when a realtor came to the door asking if I knew if anyone on the street wanted to list their house. Its a good thing I do not keep a loaded gun by the front door. I might have used it.

Once the kids were sent off with Husband to karate I threw my running gear on and headed out for my run. Tonight was only supposed to be a short one which I was grateful for given that it was -9C with windchill making it -18C. My route would be a windy one so I wanted to get it over as quickly as possible. An out and back in 32 mins.

Now I know that the ladies at the Running Room chuckled when I said I wanted really warm winter gear and bought up a bunch of things that had their heads shaking. I suppose they figure when its that cold no one really runs outside. I was toasty warm but really don't like the balaclava. I felt like I just couldn't get a solid breath with it over my mouth. So I tugged it down and found it worked just fine. At the end of the run, other than the exertion of running into the wind for so long, I felt much like I had on any other run.

Dinner: 4 oz chicken breast with potato/sweet potato mash. A nice big green salad with some goat cheese feta. Ok with a lot of feta. I should mention that I only use bread plates so that I can't over portion my food. Its a strategy that is paying off. Well that and the pictures. It keeps me honest and I'm now down into the 140's. Soon I'll be back at my pre-wedding weight. I must also add that I'm no longer dieting. I'm just trying to keep it as balanced and as healthy as possible.

The kids have been in bed for an hour now and my plans to get in an hour of yoga before bed are pretty much out the window. I should bring this blog to an end so that I can stretch a bit more. My mood is completely different than when I first started the day which is nice. I'll need a good night's sleep. Tomorrow we go on an adventure.

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