Saturday, January 30, 2010

Burial At Sea

Time of death: 10 pm'ish. Here lies Molly the Hamster 2007-2010.

Molly died last night. Before I went to bed I checked in on them and she wasn't moving. Frozen in her death pose I felt terrible. I went upstairs to tell husband in hopes that he'd get up and clear her away before the morning, where the boys would see her in her unnatural state. I wasn't specific on the burial except to say "not the green bin".

When questioned this morning he just replied that he flushed her. OMG he flushed her! How could he do that? What if our kids ask where she is now? What does that tell them about the value of life, even in death?

1 comment:

  1. lol...I am sorry Katie, its wrong of me to laugh, but that is such a man thing to do.

    Maybe, when the kids ask you can tell them Molly went to a better place, one where she will be filtered, cleansed, purified and then recycled?

    sorry...bad misty, BAD.