Saturday, January 2, 2010

Oh Baby Its Cold Outside

Well not really...not for me anyway, minus 28C is no stranger to me but that said I put off my run today to spend the day with my family. Its that time of year again for me where I start to allow my mind to drift ahead to warmer days. Planning for spring, daydreaming about the wonderful little seed packages and garden plans that burn a hole in my pocket until finally its safe to break ground and plant. I've been checking the mailbox on a regular occasion since mid December waiting for my catalogs to show up. Then there is the pilgrimage to the book store to pick up the annual Farmers Almanac. I've been waiting for the kid's bedtime to dig into them while I sip tea and pin for spring solstice.

The day started blissfully. Fresh coffee and ready made oatmeal (leftovers from yesterdays crock pot breakfast).
I was only able to eat about half of this. A 1c serving is just way too much for me. I spent part of my morning downloading some yoga routines. Then caught up on my friend's blogs. Then it was time to fix everyone a snack. Mine was 1/2 c Greek yogurt with a banana and a sprinkling of fresh blueberries, flax seed and buckwheat honey with a cup of green tea.For lunch I reheated some of the wild rice & sun dried tomato soup from a batch I made last month and froze. I added some sliced turkey breast and some hemp seed for a nice toasty lunch.
After naps a small snack while I putter around and start working on dinner.

I had the best time tonight making dinner. I put on my ipod and starting pulling out anything from the fridge that caught my eye. I had defrosted a couple of chicken breasts earlier in the day and was now looking for a combination that was not boring. Sometimes I fall into food ruts. Sometimes the dishes are too plain. A protein, a carb and a bunch of veg. I sometimes do sauces but only if I've had a light calorie day.

This is what I had pulled out. 3/4 c frozen spinach, 1/2 c low fat ricotta cheese, a lemon, Panko, Parmesan cheese, egg, milk, left over lemon whole wheat pasta from last night and 2 cups of left over marinara sauce. Hmmmm what is a girl to do with this?

A 4 oz chicken breast stuffed and baked and set on top a bed of pasta. Super yum. I did pair it with a nice dry Riesling. Sadly, it was the last bottle of the case. Now the house is dry. Well until the next trip to the liquor barn for another case. I did take us six months to go through the other. Don't want to give you the wrong impression. *snort*

The next project tonight is to hook my laptop up to the flat screen to run the yoga download so that I can do my Lunar Flow/Moon Salutations and get nice and relaxed for bed. Tonight is definitely a flannel, down duvet kind of night.

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