Thursday, January 21, 2010

Something tastes like ass....

Um...yeah. Because I like to torture myself. I tell you at 6:45 (yes I was up early thanks to my new early bedtime ritual) this stuff is just NASTY! Of course I bought the one that is thinly disguised as tangerine. Yeah, a tangerine dug out of the bottom of the BFI bin in the back of a NoFrills in August.

I didn't have any orange juice on hand this morning so I just mixed it in hot water and once it was cool enough I attempted to slam it back. Ok so my water was a little too warm and it required taking big gulps. Not a good strategy, not at all. I don't think I've gagged that often in such a short period of time and prayed so hard that I wouldn't throw up. I could only imagine the horrors of that being repeated!

Once I got it down it stayed down but took nearly a half a cup of coffee to forget that traumatic experience. I do have to say. For the most miserable shit I could have invested my cash in, it actually had a near immediate effect. My whole morning I had a reserve of energy I haven't had in years. Really and truly, even eight hours of sleep doesn't make me feel like that. So ok, its likely going to be something that I grow to be more efficient at gagging back because the effects were definitely worth that 20 mins of agony. Lets hope orange juice improves that. *shudder*

I got some breakfast for the kids and while I had the eggs and cheese out I decided I'd switch up my breakfast. I made myself a lean verison of a Egg McMuffin. Ezekiel english muffin with one egg and a bit of low fat cheddar and two thin slices of extra lean ham. Half an orange. Yep you got it...L. mooched the other half.

Once breakfast was done I busied myself around the house. I put together a pot of chili. Got E. going on an assignment and just puttered about.

By noon the chili was ready and I had a craving for nachos. So I put together a lean version. A half cup of chili with a handful of nachos lightly sprinkled low fat cheese. This turned out to be an awesome lunch. Thankfully, I made extra because E. got into the spirit of mooching.

I've been battling a serious craving for this Thai Noodle dish from The Jasmine Garden. Its only getting bigger. Normally, I would just make it myself but I just really want theirs. I've even scoped out their website and noticed that they do take-out. Hmmmm.......

Dinner was supposed to be chili over sweet potato fries. I got them ready and into the oven. Put the timer on for 20 mins and then headed out for my run. When I got back the house smelled great but I got the news that the fries burned.

Oh well, sometimes that happens. Just means that we try that dinner again tomorrow and I'll stand by the oven and make sure they don't burn. Some days are just meant to be pizza delivery days. There is no picture but I got the veggie edge, 1/2 cheese more sauce. By the time that it showed up I was so hungry that half of the pizza found its way into my stomach before I could even think to take a picture. I'm now sitting here with my knitted blanket on my lap. My hands are cold to the touch and I'm fighting off a chill. I'm going upstairs to soak in a tub until I look like a lobster.

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