Friday, January 8, 2010


I had one of the worst night's sleep in a long long time. Ever have a dream that plays out like a movie for the whole time you are asleep? I did and it was crazy and violent but more surreal violent than frightening. I woke up tired and puzzled. Wondering what any of it meant. I also realized that I've been dreaming about my family members a lot lately. Mostly, my brother, Wyl. I don't think about him much in my waking hours. I wonder if its something "repressed" working its way up to the surface.

After staggering out of bed and getting the kid's breakfast on the table I only had appetite enough for a big, BIG cup of coffee. But because it was one of my resolutions to absolutely eat something for breakfast I sliced up an orange and paired it with a kashi granola bar.

I settled the boys on some activities. E. got to play math and grammer games on the computer while L. built the biggest train track all over the livingroom rug. I took that time to make notes on the Grade 1 curriculum and I was correct. E. is just about done. Funny part was that we covered things that work their way into Grade 2/3 work.

Oops, was really concentrating on finishing the first level with efficiency to get a good leg up on the year. I figure that if I were really terrible at being a home schooling mom, he'd be no worse for wear chronologically if we had that one year buffer. As it is definitely, by the end of March we will have sailed through Grade One in spectacular fashion.

Lunch was an easy affair of a big bowl of onion, mushroom, kale soup and a flaxseed bagel with light cream cheese. No snack, and that was a bad thing. I got to the grocery store and just about snapped and and snarled my way through the store at all the idiots that wandered in front of me. Watch out, crazy woman with a loaded shopping cart, in search of the tender backsides of an idiot's ankles!

Dinner was a deplorable grocery store chicken breast, wedges and mac salad. Barf. I feel so ill I don't even think my tea will settle my stomach. At this point, with head pounding and stomach balking I doubt I'll do any yoga tonight. I'm thinking more Tylenol and sleep are my best remedies.

I am looking forward to trying out a new recipe for spelt pancakes tomorrow. I picked up some very nice turkey breakfast sausage. That ought to be a really nice breakfast. I'll of course be adding chocolate chips in for the monkeys. I'm also planning on making mushroom/brown rice burgers patties tomorrow too.

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