Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Shhhhhhhh.....do you hear that?

Exactly! Quiet. It's so very quiet. Its as if I have gone deaf. Husband has taken the boys to karate and I'm all alone for the next hour or so. I thought I'd get my blog in before I head into the kitchen to make the guys dinner and head out to my first night of half marathon training.

The day started nicely. Sunshine pouring over the pillows on my bed. A gentle passage from sleep to being awake. Got the gang downstairs and set up for the morning. Had enough time to wolf down a bowl of Kashi and banana and have my coffee before we started in on our lap book project. L. was less focused so I took the opportunity to lay next to E. on the floor in the living room among the scattered books and pages and brainstorm ideas for his project.

We came up with the questions we wanted to answer and I had E. go through the books and decide what his favourite flags were so that we could include them in the project. I spent the rest of the morning printing and cutting flags. Now they are all set and waiting to be coloured accordingly. Then we'll put them in a booklet and figure out a way to present the other information that we researched. He is very excited and has been walking around with tiny provincial flags which he knows by heart. I can honestly say that I could not pick most of the provinces flags out of a line up.

With all the excitement and busy work lunch was a bit late. I didn't have much time to put something elaborate together for myself so I just heated up a lean cuisine and made a salad.

Then finished up some of the busy work for the project. Once that was done a few loads of laundry were tackled then I collapsed into a nice deep sleep. I love nap time.

I ate dinner at 4:30. A burger and a handful of baked kettle chips. I wanted to make sure that I ate early enough so that I would be fueled but not weighed down for running tonight. I'm looking forward to working toward this goal. Finally, this feels like a real goal. Silly, I suppose. Nothing wrong with the other achievements I've made this year. God knows I've taken on so many new things in this last year. I hardly recognize myself!

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