Sunday, January 3, 2010


I started my day with a nice bowl of Kashi cereal with banana and my first cup of coffee in my favourite mug. I sat and ate while watching the boys play with their race track and tentatively planned the day with husband. I had originally thought of driving up to Richter's on Lakeridge and Bloomington Side Road (Uxbridge) to get my dried lavender but Husband just looked at me in amazement. Then directed my attention to the windows at the front of the house.

The snow was blowing in sideways. So that pretty much canceled out my first two plans. Yep, I was going to brave the cold to get my LSD (the run not the drug) in today but when I saw that the snow was blowing in sideways...yeah, no. I sputtered to a halt on driving any big distance into rural areas, too.

Plan B: Take the kids to the gym. While husband gathered their swim gear. I quickly dressed and made the two of us a pre-workout smoothie.
1 banana
1/4 frozen blueberries
2tblsp Greek Yogurt
1 scoop plain protein powder
1/2 c 1% milk
1 tbsp ground flax seed
1/4 cup rolled oats
(makes 2 servings)

Did I mention that I hate the treadmill? Not because its boring. Not because its the same surface whizzing by with no variation except what I can manually change up and why bother? I hate it for actually two good reasons. It was my idea that I'd at least put in 10K for the day's workout but that didn't happen and I'll tell you why.

I was about a quarter mile off the end of the first 5K when a guy got on the machine next to me. At first it was ok because I was really enjoying my music and my visualizations (that's what I do when I start to get bored...shoe shopping, brainstorming goals, imagining what I'd look like at 110lbs). Then he jacked up the speed and after about a minute he started to sweat. OH MY GOD!!!

Most often, I am unable to breathe through my nose when working out. Thus, the gym smell is usually not an issue but this particular chap was able to clear my sinuses with his stench. It was a mixture of curry, Ben-Gay and two months of not washing his gym gear. Needless to say my two reasons for really hating the treadmill are: Its inherently harsh on my shins so when I sped up to finish off my 5K faster (thinking I'd take a break, fill my water bottle and find a new machine) my shins started to ache. The second reason was that I couldn't just run away from him or his smell. I quickly exited the plan to run another 5K. Gahhhh Bring back road running weather, please!

Lunch was a ham & tomato on a flaxseed bagel with some baby carrots and a cup of green tea. We are currently going through another battle of wills with the kids. When we were in the car on the way home from the gym there were excited requests for McDonald's and Tim Hortons for lunch. No dice, if I can't have it, then neither should the rest of my family.

Lunch was prepared and set before them and gosh did I get a song and dance from each of them. Needless to say that they both pretty much went down for naps with an empty stomach. Something else to complain to Oprah/Dr. Phil about in 10 years.

I set up the crock pot before I escaped upstairs for a nap. Two chicken breasts and my own BBQ sauce. 4 hrs on high and when I got up I took the forks to it and shredded it up and just let it simmer to reduce the liquid. This was my dinner:

1/2 cup pulled BBQ chicken on a rice wrap (freakn' messy). Mixed greens salad with balsamic dressing, hemp seeds and flax seeds sprinkled for some crunch. Baked sweet potato fries. I have a bigger serving of those on my plate because L. takes great joy in mooching. I don't mind. Keeps me good and honest. I treated myself to a diet coke, since this reminded me so much of diner food.

No snack/dessert tonight. I'm full and happy. Going to have a cup of tea in a bit. Putter around then top my day off with an hour of yoga and a soak in the tub before bed. I adored the Moon Salutations last night and now that I'm more familiar with the routine and the poses therein, I'll find it much more relaxing tonight. I'm almost giddy.

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