Thursday, January 14, 2010


I like Thursdays. It means its one day closer to the weekend. Which really shouldn't matter to me since I haven't had to be out in the real world for over five years now.

Breakfast was a little different today. Not...ok so it was a 7 grain bagel with lite strawberry cream cheese and about a third of an apple. Yes, L. struck again!

We were headed out to an early playdate today so that I could pick up some tips for making math fun for the boys. A super fun play date. Picked up some great tricks. Got confused by some new math but then I can't make simple change without feeling the need to take my top off. On the way home I totally resisted the urge to pull into McD's to get the boys their lunch. Which is a good thing given that its not healthy. Not even close, plus it was money that I so didn't need to spend given that they were completely happy with the lunch that I made for them when I got home.

Mine was a chicken and tomato on Ezekiel bread. A large orange and a glass consisting of 1/3 orange juice, ice and club soda. Ok so I'm trying to cut back on my diet coke addiction. It really wasn't the same but it wasn't all that suckie either. I bet it would be better with a splash of pineapple juice. Must experiment a little.

A bit before my run I wolfed down a kashi bar and a green tea. Got my guys all ready to go to karate then grabbed up my gear and headed out for a fabulous run. I started out fast but couldn't seem to slow myself down. I should have known it would bite me in the ass on the way home. On the way back in I was running against the wind and going up hill. Still going faster than my usual pace but feeling it. Hit 7k at the bottom of my street and called it a day. Managed to get in and cleaned up and started dinner just as the boys were returning from their outing.

Because it was run/karate night dinner was a mishmash of leftovers for the guys. For me I just opted for a gross tasting lean cuisine. I didn't even bother to make a salad or a veg to chase it down with. I really wasn't all that hungry and it so wasn't worth the effort of being more creative. I did however treat myself to an apple with some almond butter and a green tea. My mean husband actually poked a box of Turtles under my nose but I had the better sense to realize that I was a little hungry and there would be no stopping at one of those bad boys.

I'm sleepy now so I'm going to skip the yoga and opt for 30 minutes of my newest chicklit book. I was up until 12:25 am last night reading it. I promise only 30 minutes this time. I swear!

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