Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Today was the first day of 2010 and I did it right. Started the day waking up (ok, to a very loud child rummaging through his room for a train) at 8 am then slowing working my way into my awake mode. I sat up and thought about pleasant thoughts until I had my barrings.

Came downstairs to the lovely smell of fresh coffee and overnight crock pot oatmeal. (sorry no pictures of my breakfast as it just didn't occur to me without my second cup of coffee to take a photo). It was yummy and there are only a few things I'd tweak about the recipe. Got my good morning kisses and well wishes for the New Year from my wonderful family and settled down to eat my breakfast, which sadly, I don' t normally do. That is to say until today. One of my NY's Resolutions.

Once I was ready for my run, and good thing I was on the ball with that. Sheree showed up to collect me for the race. We then collected Cori-ann and headed on down to the waterfront. Once Misty showed up our group was complete. The fun was commencing. I'm sorry at this moment I do not have any pictures to share. I'm waiting for Misty to post the pictures she took so that I can bogart them.

The race was the best. It was run in the very best fashion. With friends, chatting and supporting each other the whole way. The very best way to remind me why it is I run. I run to remind myself that life is good. After, we celebrated the holiday a bit more with coffee and more fun chatter.

After a nice long soak in the tub and a cat nap I got up and while making dinner chatted with my father on the West Coast. I bantered on about how my day was and he made his little jokes about his quiet life and idleness with a cat on his lap. Sadly, all while sounding like he was the one coughing up the hairball. He's been sick with a horrible cold/flu for the last month. Puts me a little on my guard. I'll be calling him on Wednesday to nag him to see his doctor. After all, isn't that what a good daughter does?

This is dinner...

Since last night was all about being good. Eating lean and mean (sushi with only one beer) for the race. God forbid I be working at half power. I decided tonight should be a lot more festive. Only problem was that I was rather distracted by chatting on the phone with my father while I should have been focusing on preparing dinner. I did manage to make a lemon whole wheat pasta with rapini and prosciutto and feta and caramelized lamb chops. Not too shabby. I did pair it with tzatziki and a wonderful Brut champagne. Dessert will be tea and apple with almond butter

So here I sit a wee bit tipsy. Relaxing and enjoying what is left of this day with that wonderful sense of satisfaction. I am indeed a very happy woman.

Oh and I will be posting pictures of what I eat now. I read somewhere that bloggers who post their meals eat better and maintain proper portion sizes. I can see that to be the case because it offers another perspective when you see your plate the way someone else sees it.

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