Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Girlfriends, Kidlets and Bowling....

Today was one of those odd, low energy days. I got up with the kids at the regular hour and did the regular things but the whole morning I felt as if I were in a mental and physical fog. One which only lifted a few hours ago.

Started the day dreading breakfast. I'm officially bored with breakfast. Not for the matter that I don't have ideas. I just don't really want to put forth the effort to make more interesting breakfast foods. Sad eh? As a compromise todays breakfast was 1/2 greek yogurt with a banana and a 1/4c blueberries with honey and hemp seed. I sliced up an orange but L. mooched all of it. The coffee was good and its true if I eat breakfast I drink less coffee. Likely a very good thing.

I grabbed a Kashi granola bar as I was running around getting dressed and getting the boys ready to go have lunch and bowl with JOanne and Cheryl and their crew. Got to Nebs and got right down to playing. Man, they were having a riot. Its so nice that they still play so well together. It was nice to have adult chat somewhere above the chaos the kids were creating.

At one point there was a clump of kids at the top of the lane while one chucked the ball toward the pins at the speed of molasses. While another clump of kids were attacking the ball return, much like the scene in Zoolander where the models were smacking on the Mac trying to figure out how to open it up to get the files they required. Just too funny for words but that was the best description I could come up with.

Lunch was the odds and ends of Nebs cheese pizza and a handful of some pretty darn good fries, I must say. I downed a big vending machine bottle of diet coke (yes, feeding the addiction) and felt so bloated after that it likely helped keep me from over doing it on the pizza.

Dinner tonight was 4 oz of lean pork on a cup of whole wheat pasta with a tomato wine sauce. I sprinkled about an ounce of low fat feta on top. No matter what I did this picture just wasn't going to look pretty so I just wanted to say it tasted so much better than it looked. Sheree is right, I need a publicist.

I was going to head out to a girlfriend's place tonight for a Stitch N' Bitch but I just looked in on the event and its very likely been canceled due to lack of participation. So I will likely just get up and make a big cup of tea after putting the kids to bed. Its past their bed time too.

I'll be putting in an hour of yoga before retiring with my book. I'd better get to it or it will be midnight by the time I shut my light off and I swore I'd reform my night owl ways. Oops!

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