Monday, February 1, 2010


Today started out to be an ok day until I realized that once 8 am rolled by I'd be on the phone for the better part of a perfectly good morning. *sigh* I hate the phone.

Really, I have this unnatural dread of using the phone. A bit of a phobia actually. So that made it all the more painful. It was as if I were dialing in to try and get wicked concert tickets or something. What I was actually trying to do was to get on a Doctor's waiting list. Yep, a waiting list. I kept dialing and dialing and dialing. Everytime I got a busy sound or the answering machine I hung up. I needed a human on the other end. Finally I got into the right mail box instead of just the general your S.O.L. mailbox recording and got to leave my details.

On to the next. The pediatrician. Again, another painful bout of listening to his long winded outgoing message then to try and explain to the receptionist why I needed the appointment. Ha, that's a hoot! Though she's better than your average receptionist. She's really fast on the up-take and got why I was calling and said she'd have to explain it to the doctor and call me back with an appointment. Fine, another call down. Now for the one that I was really dreading. The College of Ontario Psychologist to discuss "Dr." Carter. Wow was that fun.....NOT! It pretty much got me no where. I guess they are being very protective about what they say over the phone because of the pending class action against him and the disciplinary hearings and all. Oh well. Still a call was made. I did my best.

The whole time I was on the phone or dialing, I was trying to eat my breakfast and drink my one and only coffee. I managed to get in a couple of lessons with E. and entertain L. (no small feat).

Breakfast was another yogurt parfait with banana, blueberries and salba. I really like the new Kashi that's in there too but its too sweet to eat as a normal cereal so it helps to make the plain yogurt more palatable.

I tried to sit down and pick out a recipe from my new cookbook but every time I picked up the book I had to put it back down to help L. with this. Chase E. for that. Put the dogs out, bring the dogs in. Get some juice, make some snacks. Drink my cold tea. Try to figure out what was for lunch. Put a load of laundry in, pick up crayons.

I didn't get a chance to sit and eat lunch until well after 1 pm and I was starved. I was too busy puttering to make a snack and the cup of tea that had gone cold on me did little to dampen my appetite. All-in-all I was a good girl and stared down the yummy bag of yogurt-green onion kettle chips and made an egg salad (half fat mayo, dill pickle, onion and hemp seed) on greens and rice wrap. I actually got to eat all my carrots and orange today. No moochers! Wow!

Once I was done with lunch I shuffled the kids off for quiet/nap times and I was going to lay down as well but I really didn't feel that I needed the nap per say. I actually needed something to just pep me up a little. So I took a shower and came down and made a snack. I made a cup of hazelnut coffee and drank it black and had my Kashi bar.

While I munched this I soaked my rice for dinner and sewed the patches on to E's Beaver vest. They look ridiculous. One is lopsided and my stitches were large and uneven. Its been a long time since I had to sew anything by hand. I'm hoping I'm not the only sloppy stitcher in the pack.

Dinner prep was fun tonight. I guess the strange incidents in the last couple of days has taken up more space in my head than I thought. I was deep in it when I realized that I had burned the first round of melty cheese sandwiches for the boys dinner. So I had to start it again and leave the chopping of the fruit for after I'd fished the sandwiches out of the pan.

Our dinner was lean pork chops with multi-grain and fruit pilaf. Steamed beans. Another day without a diet coke. I don't think the habit is licked at all. I still totally crave it whenever I stand in the kitchen trying to decide what to have to drink. I reluctantly choose Perrier over Diet Coke each and every time. Oh's still better for me.

So here I sit waiting for hubby and E. to get home from Beavers then I'm headed out the door to have tea with JO. Tomorrow is another domestic/school day. I just hope most of it isn't filled up by chores that I dread.

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