Monday, February 8, 2010

Mondays are...

bad bread days. I think I'll give up trying to make bread on Mondays. For some reason my results are always cursed. I do so much better to Tuesdays *snort*

We had a very pleasant day today. Got up, got breakfast. Mine today was only one of these English Muffin halves with almond butter and banana. Its been over a month and I still have nearly zero appetite first thing in the morning.

I was so happy to see the sun shining. Of course, the downside to it is that it was pretty cold but if a person doesn't need to be outside it can be very uplifting.

I got myself cleaned up and we headed out to McDonalds for a playdate with Cheryl and her kids. I didn't have a chance to eat lunch before we left so I just threw some kashi bars into my purse. I had one of them with a giant cup of tea while we visited and played.

Once we got home I went to work on making this turkey bacon & tomato on Ezekiel. A nice orange rounded it out.

Watched E. kick some hockey butt on the Wii for a bit then headed into the kitchen to start on a big pot of turkey stock. I also started making a loaf of 7 grain bread. Again, I was cursed today. That soup and bread was supposed to be dinner but I started the bread late. Then while we were eating dinner I should have switched the oven on to bake the bread but instead it started to fall. The top having dried and wouldn't allow for any more rising to happen and fell. I punched it down again but the third rise was feeble at best. It seems that whole grain or wheat breads have a big problem with having their tops dry out during rising. A total pain in the ass. From now on I go back to proofing "old school".

Dinner tonight was seared scallops on lemon basil quinoa with carrots. I put some goat cheese feta on mine for a bit more punch. I very nearly inhaled this. The smell of the turkey stock drove me nuts.

So I'm currently baking up my dismal bread fail so that I can use it for bread crumb later in the week. I'll try my hand at the bread again tomorrow first thing in the morning before we head out for another play date.

I can whip up a simple vegetable soup once the bread is in to bake. I do have to admit even the failure smells awesome.

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