Saturday, February 20, 2010

Quiet Days

Every second Saturday is grocery day. Not too surprising. I'm sure lots of families operate this way. It was nice that on this shopping trip I could skip one whole aisle and its the one that the most crowding occurs in. Yep, the meat aisle. I got to cruise right by it via the dairy aisle. There wasn't that usual searching for a tissue and hand sanitizer issue either. I hate when the packages of meat are wet with blood. Gross!

Nope today it was just veggies, veggies and more veggies. Toss in some milk and cheeses and some other sundry items and a successful shop was completed. Of course, E. was not at his happiest. He got off on the wrong foot when he realized that he would not be able to monopolize his father and he pretty much let the world know how hard-done by he was. I was expecting it. I let most of it roll of my back. He got a time out for the rest.

Got the goods home to realize that of course I had more stuff than room in the fridge. I only purchased what would be needed for the week's menu but that stuff is a lot bulkier than I had given it credit. I actually had to take a bag of mushrooms which were still in perfect condition and put them in the dehydrator to make space. Now I've got a small bag of perfectly dried mushrooms taking up less than 1/4 of its original mass. I've also done some bananas and some apples that were a little less than perfect. Ok so I'm a drying fiend. Got some ideas of wicked muffins and breakfast bars in my future.

The day started out typical in that I had no appetite. I ate a granola bar before I left for the shopping trip and it held me very well up to lunch time. Then I had another veggie enchilada. No point repeating the picture. I actually sat down and wrote out the recipe for Misty. Doing all the mental measuring in my head. I'm so happy I will likely never be called upon to create my own cookbook. I certainly would need someone more adept at picture taking to capture the real look of the food. I am no photographer. I will not even hazard to blame my equipment *snort*Dinner tonight was Salmon Croquettes with oven roasted potatoes and green salad. I made a spicy mayo for dipping. Gorgeous dinner. Next time I'll skip the potatoes and serve these bad boys on greens.

Well that's pretty much it. This has been a less than exciting day. That's fine. I don't mind the quiet of days like this. I was out late last night having coffee with Laura and Christine. It's more than fair to say that I was talked out today.

I've heard a rumour that it is supposed to be 6C tomorrow. I'm almost afraid to hope for it. I have imagined for many weeks now, how wonderful it would be to head out the door with one less layer. Now to find out that it could happen for a long run. *swoon* It's too much!

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