Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My Kitchen Has...

its very own Bermuda Triangle. I realized that today when I needed to toss out not one but three small appliances. I'll tell the story later on....

First, had another ridiculous night of strange dreams. Oddly, the last one I remember was about being in a wedding dress and having a good ol' cat fight a la Jerry Springer Show. Not entirely sure why but it was comical.

Got up groggy and got the kids up. Made breakfast and managed to burn the first half bagel. This was a sign. I should have stayed out of the kitchen but no I pressed on with big plans. Into the green bin goes the blacked bagel and into the toaster oven, a new victim.

All that fuss for a little bagel with light strawberry cream cheese and half a banana. Man! *facepalm*

Once breakfast was done I put the kids to work on some lessons and games and got to work on my banana bread. I had adapted from a recipe that a girlfriend gave me. Her's was so big and fluffy and not sweet. I thought "Hmmmmm....I can do some good things with that recipe". Well sub out regular A.P flour for some Spelt and Oats. Sub out the white sugar for agave syrup. Toss in some lecithin and walnuts and pumpkin seeds and voila! A very tasty loaf but not so much with the rise. I think it required more rising agent because the oats and heavier flour likely made a weighter batter. No matter the taste trumps its appearance any way.

Now, to create my soup. I steamed 2 medium Yukon Gold potatoes and one sweet potato until they were soft. Then sauteed up a lovely small onion, added in a cup of vegetable stock, rosemary, thyme, ground cashews, rice milk and lecithin. Then went to puree it until it was smooth and my immersion blender was kaput. No biggie, it was old and had been used a lot so I wasn't surprised at its demise. So I poured my soup into my blender and started liquifying it. No problem. Paused it to stir the top into the bottom to speed things along. Put the top back on and started it up again. Almost done I reach for the lid and the clear plastic topper (that comes off so that you can pour through) falls into the soup and gets mangled. Ruining both the blender and the soup. Gaaaahhhh!!!

Ok so I try it again, but this time I'm out of onions. No biggie. The soup will still be good even with out it. When I get to the pureeing part I pull out one of my small processors. But the thing really stinks. I examine it closer and see that the blade portion of it (its all one piece..stupid design) has gotten something jammed into it and its rotting and it can't be taken apart to be fixed so into the garbage the whole thing goes. There are no replacement parts for this processor, cheapie Superstore giveaway. No heart break there. I pull out my mini Cuisinart which I prefer anyway and it does the job nicely in three parts. So voila, vegan sweet potato soup. Man was it good and really filling.

Since it was so good and I was running low on time I just had another bowl of the sweet potato soup and paired it with the other lonely half of my flax seed bagel with some of the leftover tuna salad from yesterdays lunch. Yummy. I like this soup for dinner thing though I think hubby and the boys need something a bit more substantial.

I just wasn't in the mood for a lot of salad or veggies today. I get in those jags and its hard to break out of them.

After dinner I dashed off to get my hair done. Jodi was shocked to see me. She'd given me up for dead since I hadn't been in to see her since July *gasp* Yes it's true. I guess all my spare cash has been going toward running gear but since I'm stocked up for winter and I've got enough gear to get me through spring nicely I thought I'd pretty myself up a little. On the way home I treated myself to some new makeup, too. Time to start painting the barn more often and taking care of myself. Neglect adds up fast. I've got to fight back some of the years of neglect already taking up residence on my face.

All the ladies at the salon got a good chuckle out of the fact that I tried to wax my own eyebrows though Jodi said they weren't too bad. She forced me to book an appointment a month out so that she could fix them. I have to admit they were pretty bad off before I took the wax to them. If anything I think I improved them. Again, I'm nothing if not entertaining *grin* I don't think she's going to let me slide on that either. She gave me the beauty kick to the ass that I've been needing. No more neglect.

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