Friday, February 19, 2010

Hamster on the Wheel

So this day has only cost me a dollar so far. I swore because my Spelt tortillas stuck to the wax paper and I only discovered this when it was time to put them into the pan to cook them. Oh well.

The day started out nicely. My little troopers all happy and ready to spend the morning at the "fitness". I managed to choke back some Kashi cereal with almond milk and a banana and a glorious cup of coffee before hunting around to pack my gym bag. Really, I should have done this last night but opted to procrastinate.

We were at the gym for about an hour. The perfect amount of time. I ran my 6.5K on the treadmill. Which was about as long as I could stomach being that bored. The first 4K I spent visualizing. Then the next 1k I spent shoe shopping and picking out OPI in my mind. I'm now a proud owner of an imaginary pair of black suede over the knee boots and a lovely shade of copper OPI. *snort* Once the last km ticked by I took off to gather the kids and we were off.
I treated myself to a nice cup of Tim's and we came home to munch our lunch picnic style. We spread one of the boys blankets on the floor and pop in a movie. Today's selection was Aladin. I warmed up a bowl of mega veggie soup and made a snack platter of the leftover tuna salad from yesterday. Put some cheese and crackers on the plate (to share with L). And joined them.

By 2 pm I was bushed and the kids gave no opposition to going down for naps (Thank God). I was out for a good two hours then bolted up and headed downstairs for a snack. A glass of chocolate milk with a scoop of protein powder mixed in. It was ok but a little too thick for my palate.
Then at 5 pm I headed into the kitchen to start working on my veggie enchiladas. All I can say is Holy Cow!!! I think this is my new favourite meal. Ok so not when the uncooked tortillas stick to the wax paper and need to be re-rolled just as they were due to be in the blistering hot pan. Gahhh. Hubby helped save the day by getting the dough off the paper and back into a ball for me to roll out and toss into the pan. He also supervised the toasting of the tortilla while I rolled. He's awesome!

Now I'm going to dash upstairs and throw on a pair of jeans and a sweater and head out to Laura's house. It looks like its just going to be the three of us tonight. I hope husband doesn't wait up. This could be another late night *giggle*


  1. recipe request!!! enchilada please :)

  2. Recipe has been sent to your work email. Hope you enjoy!