Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunday, Chilly Sunday

Whoa, I'll tell yah. I'm so happy I saved all my exta cash to buy real winter running clothes. They were the best investment I've made in a long time. Going out for a run with Sheree and Misty this morning in the open expanses of sunny (windy) Brooklin this morning really had us working against the elements. Slippery spots even on the roads. Wind pushing against us. The cold stinging cheeks and forehead. Half way through the run when going almost headlong into the wind we started playing lets make a deal.

We bartered with each other on just how long our run was supposed to be then how long our run should actually be, then we got right down to how long it would really be. Weighing the pros of cutting it short and cozying up to a hot cup of Tims or slogging it out in the frigid temperatures to gain another two kilometers. For the record I was all for cutting it short. They stretched the run out to be as close to 10k as they could. Even though I thought we had a deal to cut it short!!!

I was up at 6:30 (with the coffee that I made....not good either). This was the most disgusting bowl of oatmeal I've ever made. Rolled oats, cinnamon, almond milk, agave, sea salt. After it cooked I added plain protein powder, banana and hemp seed. This was just not good but I managed to force down half of it. I did enjoy the orange though. I've been noticing that the oatmeal or the pancakes just haven't delivered the right amount of energy for cold morning runs so I pumped up the fruit and it made a difference.
Lunch was much better. After soaking in a nearly scalding hot bath for 30 minutes I was ravenous. Had some salmon in the fridge so I seared/steamed it then paired it with kale and fruited wild rice pilaf. The fish and kale had some asian flavours thrown in for a bit of a change. I think this lasted on the plate for all of 5 minutes.

I managed to stay up until about 1:30 when I just couldn't function any longer. I managed to sleep deeply for about two hours then I got up and enjoyed a cup of coffee with one of the new Kashi bars. Today's selection was Dark Chocolate Coconut. This was just like a candy bar. Very sweet. I think it makes a better dessert that a fast snack. I could see me seriously abusing these.
On to the Super Bowl festivities. Of course to me the Super Bowl presents an opportunity to make food. Its really more about the making than the eating for me. So why not make it the decedent stuff. I made this hot spinach/artichoke cheese dip for Hubby. He ate his portion with tortilla chips. I had 1/4 c of it with my carrot sticks. This was actually a lot less sinful than it appears but still very good.
For dinner I made ribs and chilied sweet potato fries with celeriac slaw. I decided to partake of it without making anything different. Three ribs, a scoop of the fries and a half cup of the slaw. Super yum and it was more than enough to satisfy that craving.

There is definitely something to be said for having appetizers before dinner. I knew when I was plating my dinner that it would be more than enough to make me happy, whereas, with out having the appetizer I would have felt put out to only have such a small portion of ribs (that's the bad part of tonight's dinner)

Now I have to go back into the kitchen and pack up all the leftovers for hubby take to work tomorrow. Yep, that's right. Almost the whole cheese dip is going with him. He can share it with his co-workers. Man, they are going to hate me soon. I'm not good for their diets.

Got to do some moon salutations tonight, after all it was still cheese! *giggle*

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