Monday, February 15, 2010

I'm gonna eat you up!

Wow two posts in one day. I've been on my own since 8 pm when husband helped me put the boys to bed and I cleaned up the kitchen from our lazy day. I put some strawberries, apples and pears into the dehydrator and made a cup of tea. I've been sitting here ever since trying to catch up on my Y&R and plan my menu for the Lenten Season.

I just finished. It looks awesome. I planned only the evening meals since those are the hardest. Lunch will be much easier. I love making soups en mass so I'll have a bunch of different kinds in the freezer to be thawed at my whim. Hubby can always take cheese, egg salad or tuna salad sandwiches through out the week so that he doesn't get sick of soup or PB& J's.

Breakfast is always easy. Most of the time I usually have oatmeal, cold cereal, pancakes or scrambled eggs. The reason why this menu plan is so special is because its vegetarian (lacto/oval/fish). Except that I will serve meat on Sundays. That ought to keep us from chewing on each other's legs come the end of Lent.

The rest of today's meals are as follows:
Lunch was a huge bowl of leftover greek salad. It took forever to eat it but it was so good.

Dinner: Chicken breast, leftover lemon potatoes, parsnips and carrots with goat cheese feta.

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