Monday, February 15, 2010

Getting Caught Up

Wow I've been a busy girl. You can always tell when I'm really burning the candle because I'm so quiet *giggle*. After Thursdays soup-fest I concentrated on getting ready for Valentine's Day. I must have torn the basement apart looking for my heart-shaped cookie cutters. No dice. That really cheeses me off since I purchased them before I had the kids and I don't think they've ever been used because they get put away whenever they get found but never in a place where I can find them again. So yet, another year and no heart cookies *sigh*

There are too many meals to blog so I'm just going to post them in order with a brief descriptor.
Friday's Lunch: The Spicy Pumpkin Soup with crumbled feta cheese and cilantro. (I adore this soup!

Friday's Dinner: Chicken with root vegetables in rosemary lemon black olive sauce, over a seeded whole wheat couscous. Hemp seed sprinkled over top.

Saturday's Late Breakfast: Yes its a mushroom/rice burger. I was feeling sleep-hungover and just wanted what I wanted *giggle* Then I think I spent the rest of the day sleeping or reading cook books. Dinner was take-out sushi and a Sex and The City Marathon!

Sunday Morning : up at 6:30 am fueling up for a long run with Sheree. Oatmeal w/almond milk, Almond butter w/flax banana and Salba. I also downed two cups of coffee. Guzzled a glass of orange juice just before heading out the door to run.

When I had a coffee with Sheree and when I got home I got to have chocolate covered strawberries and a glass of Riesling while thawing in the bath tub (see I got spoiled!)

Lunch: Leftover lemon quinoa with carrots, basil and goat cheese feta. I was too hungry and too tired to do anything more than open a fridge and microwave whatever I found.

After a good long nap I got up and made dinner for my sweetie. Lamb chops, lemon potatoes, parsnips and carrots. Greek Salad rules! I get to have the rest of the salad for lunch today.

I didn't take a picture of the chocolate fondue with strawberries and bananas that we had for dessert. It just didn't last long enough *snort*

Today-Family Day we are pretty much just being a little lazy. If I didn't just roll out of bed and thrown on a pair of pants and a sweater I'd still be in my pj's. Breakfast: scrambled eggs with sauteed onion, bell pepper and portobello mushrooms topped with avocado. I actually think its a coffee in my Bailey's kind of day.

Today's plans are: breakfast bars and pizzas. I'm actually wondering if there would be a grocery store open today. Gee I should have planned that out a little bit better.

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