Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Stock is Born

Was a good thing that today was a down day. E. woke up sick this morning. Nothing major, just the makings of a really good cold. So we stayed in pj's and hung out all morning then before lunch I got myself into the kitchen. It started with me being unable to make up my mind between three soups. So I just made all three. The first one up, Broccoli Cheddar Soup. Then the next, and my personal favourite Spicy Pumpkin. Oh man, I didn't know if I'd really love this soup but I'm in love with it. It's sweet and packs a punch and it's absolutely perfect. I'll have it for lunch tomorrow. The last was a huge pot of mega veggie soup. You name it, its likely in there. After the soups were made I sat down and cuddled E. for a bit.

Today's lunch was the broccoli cheddar paired with some 7 grain crackers and a perfect orange. (this picture isn't all that pretty but it was a delicious soup) Then after all the dust had cleared I realized I had a bunch of odds and ends perfect for making a super big batch of veggie stock. So back to work I went preparing the pot to boil then simmer. While it was doing its thing I ran up and took a shower. When I came back down, refreshed, the house was filled with the most incredible smell. Now I've got at least 8 cups of wonderful stock to use for more soups. The freezer is now filled with lots of easy lunch options.

Dinner was veggie soup, some of the leftover artichoke/spinach dip and some kielbasa and prosciutto, apples and grapes with a gorgeous 7 grain bread (purchased, as I hadn't the opportunity to bake another loaf). It's been a long time since I felt like I've eaten too much but tonight was definitely that night.

Besides that, its been a quiet day. I didn't go out for my run tonight. Once E. was declared too sick for Karate we decided a quiet night at home with no one rushing off here or there. I'll have to make up that run on Saturday now. That's ok. One slightly off week will not make or break my training since I've been so disciplined for the last several months. I will admit it felt odd to buck the system.

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