Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dragging Butt

Another grey day *sigh* Another day that I wake up tired and remain tired. I swear I must have low iron or something because I seriously drag some days. I also resorted to the big guns. Yep, caffeinated coffee. 2 large cups of caffeinated coffee strategically consumed through out the day. Without it I'm sure I'd have passed out at 5:30.

I started the day at 7:30. A much more respectable time. I started in with my cup of coffee while I warmed up my overnight oats. I think this cup of overnight oats worked out marvelously. It is 1/3 cup of steele oats, 3/4 cup of almond milk, 1/4 tsp cinnamon, 1/4 tsp sea salt (refrigerated overnight) then I added 1 tbsp almond butter w/flaxseed, 1 tbsp agave and about three slices of dried apple roughly chopped. Delicious and just the right chewy texture I was looking for. I think that oatmeal largely disagrees with me because it gets a glue-like gumminess. This was very chewy like a wet granola and the apples were strong enough in flavour not to be lost in the taste of the almond butter. Just three minutes in the microwave then let sit until most of the liquid is absorbed.

I got all the oatmeal and another cup of coffee (normally all coffee made in my house is mostly decaffeinated so that I can enjoy more than one cup without getting all spinny) down when it was time to get up and start looking about for my gym bag. Husband came home from dropping Casey at the vets and got me a full strength coffee. I needed something to help give me a jolt.

I had decided to hit the gym with the kids to get my Tuesday run in. Though I hate the treadmill its nice to have it as an option. Today's run was supposed to be 10K but that is impossible on the hamster wheel for me. My Ipod died, then my legs got sore. I quit just past 5K and went and soaked my legs in the cool water in the pool while my kids splashed about like crazy monkeys. I'll make the rest up on Thursday night.

My lunch was a leftover bean and brown rice burrito. I was right. It was just as good today as it was last night. (ok so I'm cheating, this was last nights picture but I had the same meal so I figured why not?)

As soon as I wolfed this down I had to hit the showers and rush back out of the house to consult with the kid's pediatrician. I forgot that he requires his patients to be in his office 10 minutes before their scheduled appointment. I've got to start inputting these appointments into my calender to reflect that. So a mad dash it was. Then we had just enough time to rush off to pick Casey up at the vets where he had been since 8 am this morning. Of course, that means that Finnigan was a total mess without his brother and best friend with him.

Did I ever tell you that Casey is actually Finnigan's dog? Yes well, Finn had such bad separation anxiety when he was a puppy and try as we did, we couldn't get him to calm down. We were left no choice but to let him choose his brother and that's exactly what he did. Casey and Finnigan have been the best of buds since.

We grabbed another cup of Tim's on the way home and I barely had time to knock it back when it was time to head out for another doctor's appointment. This time for me. A physical. *yuck* I wound up getting a Tetanus shot in the arm. Now I have a very achy arm.

Dinner was a bowl of vegetarian chili with a slice of freshly baked corn bread. I topped mine with an ounce of low fat cheddar and a dollop of sour cream. Next time I'll omit the sour cream. It deadened the taste of the chili. The minced cilantro on top was genius!

This batch made one bowl for hubby and I. Plus one bowl for hubby's lunch tomorrow. I was also able to put into the freezer two more servings each of the chili and corn bread. This is really convenient given that this meal repeats itself two more times in the next four weeks. I love meals that I don't actually have to cook but were home made!

I'm looking about the house now and it appears as though while we were away today a bomb went off. Even with the kitchen clean the rest of the house looks cluttered and disorganized. How can that be? I wish I had a cleaning fairy or the energy to pick up after the kids go to bed.

Tomorrow is another busy day. *sigh* maybe I could clone myself? Oh boy, then I'd be twice as boring! It has just occurred to me that it seems my menu planning as of late has been largely leaning toward South western dishes. Hmmmm perhaps my appetite has gone to Mexico? I hope my liver gets some Corona as a result.

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