Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day Two, Thursday

Wow today was quite a bit harder than yesterday. No cravings for meat or anything but the internet fast was harsh. I found myself feeling really bored despite the huge pile of laundry I was doing. Gee imagine that! Another grey day had me feeling low energy. Then I got a good dose of dust right in my face when I went to swap out DVD players. The old one having eaten a Thomas The Tank DVD (shhh don't tell L). I guess the space behind the TV really needs dusting. I'll have to pull my hazmat suit out of storage for that little job.

So I got up feeling sluggish. Pretty near skipped breakfast. Oh when or when will I feel hungry in the morning? Still I had my vitamins, coffee and had a kashi bar even though I didn't want it. Worked on my laundry and planned some lessons but the dose of dust to the face brought on a huge headache. I still actually have it but I'm not willing to surrender to it completely.
Lunch was a snacky affair shared with the kids, naturally. Tuna salad w/hemp seed and onion. Low fat cheddar, grapes, carrots, cucumber and kashi multigrain crackers. A hot cup of Sencha to wash it all down.

Hung out with the kids and did some music appreciation. This lesson is loosely based on having them curl up in my lap and zone out to my mellow music collection while watching the itunes visualizer. E. couldn't tear himself away from it. *snicker* We sat like that for about 45 minutes until we were so sleepy that no one resisted the nap.Got up from my nap with the hope that the headache would have disappeard and I could go out for my run but no dice. Back to the cupboard for another dose of extra strength tylenol and a snack. Looks like we'll be heading out to the gym in the morning so that I can make up for the missed run. Gahh I hate treadmill running.Now I wished that I had made something a bit more elaborate for dinner since I didn't run. Originally when I drew up the menu for the 40 days, I had figured I'd head out for a run, as soon as the boys were packed in the car and set to go to karate. Because of that I'd need a fast dinner. I do love the convenience of making large batches of mushroom/rice burgers because you can freeze the individual patties and pop them into the toaster oven and they are ready from frozen within 10 minutes. Gotta love that. Healthy and fast! Some how before and after dinner I managed to lose three dollars to the swear jar. Hey I'm so lucky that I stopped at that. It could have been a ten dollar day! The why, when or how is not important but to think of it now. I'm wondering if I might have chomped off more than I could chew with that last challenge. I'll be feeding a small family for sure at the end of my 40 days, but I fear with no improvement to my horrible habit. My husband got the jars for me while I was helping to put the kids down for bed. He thinks he's being funny. I see this as a self-fulfilling prophecy. At a buck-a-swear its going to be spendy. (click on the picture to enlarge the photo to read the top of the jars).

I've only got a few more minutes of my internet time. I'm going to go and scope out Facebook. Then I'm headed up to do some yoga and some reading. Catcher in the Rye. I did manage to put a few books on hold with the library before I started my blog. I had all day to brainstorm my list of Lenten reading materials. Ok, don't roll your eyes. It's almost all chick lit or Canadian Pros.

Hope you all are having a fabulous short week.

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