Saturday, February 27, 2010

Snow Days and 649 Dreams

I got talked into acting like a kid today. Before we headed out I ate half a breakfast bar and a protein fruit smoothie. All topped up and dressed in layers we headed up highway 7.

Its been nearly 30 years since the last time I took up a sled and threw myself down a hill, repeatedly. It was the trudging up the hill in old running shoes hauling a 30lb kid still in the toboggan up the hill, time-and-time again that was the hard part. Gravity was totally on my side on the way down.

It was a blast. Truly. I didn't feel put out at all. Now L. is on the fence with the whole experience. E. just adored it and would have kept going if my energy had not tapped out or my butt threatened to drop off with frost bite (hey, that wouldn't have been a bad thing now that I think of it, darn!). L. was ready for a snack so we packed it in and headed to the farm's store. Hi Hope Farms has the world's best farm store.

Just opening the doors to the main part of the store was true bliss. The smell of freshly baked breads, pies and cookies just about had me float off my feet. I couldn't decide which jar of jam or preserve to buy (so I didn't choose any in the end). I did however make off with a huge loaf of multigrain bread, a cherry pie and cookie for each child. I also nabbed a quart of fresh apple cider.
When we got home I promptly heated up two huge bowls of super veggie soup, sliced big slices of the bread and paired it all with apple and some sharp cheese. Heated up the cider with some whole cloves and a stick of cinnamon. Hey! I earned it. Ok so I couldn't eat the whole lunch. Not even close but I gave it the college try *giggle*.
Dinner was fabulous tonight. A new entry into my repetoire but one that I fully intend to repeat. I took the filling for my caramelized onion and mushroom tarts and placed it in the center of a square of puffed pastry. I had toyed with adding a slice of brie but figured the pastry was already decadent. I served it with steamed carrots and green beans. The hand pie was entirely too large and really, I should have cut mine in half. Doesn't matter, I could only eat half so the rest I'll have for lunch tomorrow cold with a side salad. Soooo good!

I was just recalling the conversation that I had with husband on our way back home after our wintery adventure. We were discussing our desire to some day buy a little hobby farm or at the very least a rural house on a nice chunk of land.

Everything about living a country life appeals to us. It matches my personality famously. I'd like nothing better than to have all that space to just spread out and get my Martha on. It comes from my roots. Both of my grandparents came from farming back grounds. My grandparents on my father's side were still very connected to these roots. They lived on an acreage and maintained orchards, extensive fruit patches, grape vines, and vegetable gardens. They kept bees and poultry.

Just about everything they ate was grown on their land and definitely made by my Grandmother. They very seldom ate out. It being an extravagance that neither of them could justify. I think I got so much of my work ethic and desire to live that very same life from them. Even my father loves to create things with his hands and is a most excellent cook/baker in his own right. Though I have never heard my father mention ever wanting to live in a rural setting but I tell you he has a major green thumb. That's one thing I'm still trying to navigate.

I pictured what I would do with the property. How I would spend my time. I even wondered about what kind of equipment we'd require just to move about come winter time. At the farm today they pulled out the CAT just to haul some city slicker out of the ditch. Apparently, he thought that was a good parking spot.

At the conclusion of our conversation today we determined that it would be an expensive proposition to just purchase the "farm". You know we really don't have the foggiest idea how much a farm sells for or the tax load but it's so nice to dream.
Ok after a little poking about on the internet I found a wonderful example of just the type of farm I'd love to have. Nestled in the Niagra Region and backing on to a river this 42 acreage has a 6 bedroom house with the most fabulous kitchen I've ever seen! It is now sold but it was listed at $609K A total bargin! I mean really, just look at those porches! *sigh*

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