Friday, February 26, 2010


It's Friday! It wasn't a very industrious day given that I woke up with a headache to beat the band. The drumming didn't stop until nearly 3 pm. Finally, with my eyes closed and pretty much trying to think about absolutely nothing, I drifted off. Woke up thirsty but no headache. What a relief. Since my head was pounding so much my plans for laundry and anything else pretty much were sidelined. I was really happy that I had made up my breakfast bars yesterday. I had a great meal that held me off until nearly noon.

I got the boys dressed in their layers and located some sand toys and out they went. What a relief. I was able to sit and have a cup of tea while it was still hot and enjoy the quiet. Oh why couldn't there have been more snow this year. They enjoyed it so much and kept them quiet (well out of the house) for 45 minutes to an hour. That's right. I managed to locate an hour of peace in the middle of my day. Too bad I spent it with my head on the arm of the couch.

Once they were done with the snow they came in for a hot lunch. That snow must have wiped them out because no sooner then the plates were emptied they trotted off to their rooms to play, quietly! Unless the understood how bad off I was and were just being nice. Ok so that's a stretch *snort*

I was going to make a mushroom/rice burger but discovered that the buns I had purchased and froze had actually gone bad before they made it to the freezer. My bad for leaving them out for a day. I was still adamant that I'd have that burger and toyed with having it naked. Then remembered that I have a stash of brown rice wraps in the freezer. Then a wrap was born.

A quiet nap time passed shortly after lunch and I decided that tonight we'd have fish & chips. I just didn't feel like I had enough in me to storm the kitchen and make dinner. Husband seemed happy to comply with my request for a night off.

No pictures of the fish and chips. By the time it hit my plate it didn't look so appetizing. I wouldn't take a picture of that to save my soul (or sole, hahaha). I did enjoy it but it was a guilty pleasure for sure.

We now await the men's hockey game. Husband has decided to keep the boys up. So they've been bathed and pj'd. They are laying on the floor at my feet with their blankets and pillows and bowls of popcorn. I'm not sure they'll make it until 9:30 and secretly I hope they pass out before the start of the game or they will be horrendous to put to bed if they get wired.

I'm considering slipping past them and heading upstairs to enjoy some peace and quiet. Hmmmm that seems an excellent prospect!

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